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 Chinese pallet wrapping machine--2013-07-05


 The operation of pallet wrapping machine:


1. Make sure that the power of machine well connected in the correct power source.

2. Turn the “Power switch” to the “On” position.

3. Twist the “F-stop” to release it.

4. Press the “Reset” button to making sure that it in right position.

5. Make sure that all components (button&switch) of the machine are in the reset position.

· move the turntable to the home

Position by Push and hold the “Turntable” button to

·The Film frame device moves to the lowest position and stops by pushing and hold the “Down l” button by manually

6. Loading the pallet on the turntable with properly position

7. Thread the film from film device (automatic option part is available).

8. Push the “Start” button on the control panel.

9. The turntable turns and changing the film tension setting per your need.

10. The film device starts to move up and down per program setting.

11. The FILM DEVICE stops when the sensor detects the top of pallet.

12. Overlapping lap adjust by the speed of turntable and film device speed

12. The FILM DEVICE applies the Top Wraps per requirement.

13. The FILM DEVICE lowers to the “Down Travel” proximity sensor

14. The FILM DEVICE applies the Bottom Wraps.

15. Each wrapping process, the “Turntable Home” electric sensor senses the home position and the bottom wrap count decreases by 1.

16. The turntable stops when the “Turntable reset” proximity sensor senses the home position

17. The machine starts wrapping for the next cycle as above operation.




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