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 Chinese pallet wrapping machine--2013-12-03



Recently, the nation's largest Hispanic food company Goya Foods said it will replace the glass packaging PET plastic bottle packaging company Amcor by Latin America to design a hot-fill containers, also equipped with a newly designed heat shrinkable label. This ushered in the plastics industry is undoubtedly a development opportunity.


    Goya Foods for its marinade product line has been redesigned , and its 12 oz (355ml) and 24.5 oz (725ml) capacity of the product packaging from the glass into a lighter quality PET plastic bottles. Amcor company in Latin America to design a hot-fill containers, also equipped with a newly designed heat shrinkable label, the container very new gravity modeling , and has a special landmark . Vibrant is designed to give a clean appearance to the product , it is both modern and elegant. The hot-fill container has significant performance and cost advantages, including portability, reduce breakage, comply with the requirements of sustainable development also has a recyclable performance while reducing transportation costs , effectively reducing the carbon footprint. Compared with the traditional glass packaging , the consumer has a striking appearance and light weight of this characteristic of PET bottles plus pro-gaze .


    According to Amcor's statistics, compared with glass containers, 24.5 oz PET bottles a 61.4% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 313 passenger cars per year . "Overall, lightweight PET bottles not only saved us a lot of freight costs, but also to give the product a glass -like appearance and good shelf appeal , brought a boost to our brand awareness ," Goya Foods senior stocks president Joseph Perez said.


    All Amcor PET bottles were first used in the new Origami hot filling technology, filling period to go through six flat hot-fill bottle vacuum . Using vacuum panels collapse designed to maintain structural strength and integrity in the cooling process. Smooth surface created a modern, elegant style , the bottle has a good grip performance, ease consumers pick .


    Perez said, 12 oz and 24.5 oz PET bottle filling are able to adapt to the ambient temperature (140 ° F) and hot-fill (185 ° F) both environments. They have 38mm long tail, after fine-tuning, can be seamlessly integrated into existing glass bottling line. Goya company plans to move its 12 ounces of fruit juice beverage bottles capacity replaced all PET bottles, the plan will be implemented this summer.




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