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         Door Shrinking  Machine

The machine is able to streamlines your production and improves your production line


         Board Shrinking Machine

 The machine puts a tight layer of film by shrinking film over all surfaces of the board with smooth surface


         Door Wrapping  Machine

These are fitted with hot air circulation fan at the top. Further, our range is also incorporated with electrical elements for heating purpose.

      copper coil wrapping machine

         Copper Coil Packing Machine

 The machine puts a tight layer of film over all surfaces of the coil.


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Window Shrinking Machine

The packaging machine  is for windows,door,board...with big width


Window shrinking machine is a automatic shrinking machine for window, door, wooden with three sides sealing and full sides packaging,... which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost.

The window shrinking machine can be equipped in many different ways and made for different products and capacity. Can also be delivered with edge cushion banderol which provides the package with good protection during transportation and storage.


Features of floor shrinking machine:

1.     It is a automatic shrinking machine and it can be combined with another line for automatic packaging.

2.     PLC&HMI adopted.

3.     The solution availableincludes the packing materialn automatic feeding, sealing parts, material recover,shrinking

4.     Full sides shrinking packaging with nice surface.

5.     Sensors adopt for inducing the products for fix the position.

6.     Two feed-in modes, auto/manual for easily operation,

7.     PE or POF film can be choosing with three sides automatically sealing.

8.     The different collocations device for different products.

9.     Constantly high temperature film heat sealing system for all industrial standard shrink films in the market such as PE. PVC. POF etc .

10.    The width of sealing is adjustable for different products.

11.    The front feed speed is adjustable according different packaging speed.

12.   Hi-speed hot air circulating system inside of shrink tunnel .

13.   Sealing system control by sensors, sealing temperature adjusted but PLC.



Parameters of floor shrinking machine: 

 1.Sealing part                      2.Shrinking part




The window shrinking machine are available in many different sizes and can be connecting with picker, stocker, sealing station, turning table, assembly stations, pallets stacker and shrink tunnel etc. We will help you with separate machine or complete lines according specification.

These model machines are custom made system for packaging of products with all kind of shrinking material by all sides sealing. The machine is an automatic operation in process, with automatic conveying of the product, sealing, and heat shrinking. The product will be well covered by covering station in first wrapping unit by packing material, and then moving to second position where the side of the pack will be sealed automatically. These units are designed upon the size of products and packing capacity requirement of the customer. The system is suitable for either for Independent packing or connecting with another machine for online packaging.


The advantage of the floor packaging by floor shrinking machine:

1. Nice packaging surface

2. Material costs  lower

3. High speed.

4. Full sides sealing

5. Highly efficiency


The disadvantage of the floor packaging by floor shrinking machine:

1. Power consume during 30-50KW/H



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Our products are able to packing the same shape products such as profile, board, panel... and are available at reasonable prices. We offer packing machine for wooden working industry with various equipments  and these products are well received by the market in several different industry fild.

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