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FPCM Series: Coil Master



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 Coil Packing line: The device is made up of worktable, curler conveyor, automatic wrapping machine and semiauto stacker。 Basic information 1.Name and model, quantity Equipment name:Steel coil wrapping machine Model:GW1400 Amount: 1set 2.Basic variables of the machine Not binding to this, even though the basic parameters are as follows. Basic characteristics: a.Automatic Wrapping Machine 1.Exceptional selections. Well known manufacturers are used for principal elements. 2.Automatic conveyor functioning table for connecting creation collection. 3.Inverter for conveyor speed modifying. 4.Stuffed coil proceed to stacking by auto conveyor. 5.Indication alarms instantly when trouble occurs. 6.Supportive rollers raising the coil from conveyor for wrapping. 7.The inverters adopted to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape according to the requirements. 8.Wrapping adhesive tape stress may be modified. 9.Engagement ring velocity adaptable by convertor. 10.Curler velocity changeable by convertor. 11.Packing tape stress may be altered. 12.Automatic material reducing 13.Variation packing materials could be selecting. 14.Helping rollers are protected by polyurethane. 15.Soft stop and start. 16.Diamond ring initial placement reset. 17.Overlapping changeable from ten percent-90% 18.Wrapping approach: Material as stocking within the material wheels of diamond ring as wrapping. 19.Automated packing materials pre-stacking with storage space panel for substance preparing to get the best package. It is able to avoid the material collapsable in wrapping. The ancillary packing is does apply also. This packaging can include protectors of outside size, protectors of within size , covers of part walls or stomach cover substance. These materials could be incorporated into the device to be used immediately or utilized personally . This ancillary packaging safeguards both the coil as well as the very first layer of film The ancillary merchandise can be created from plastic materials to keep up a completely recyclable bundle. A second coating of packing material is then applied with respect necessity. The 2nd covering of packing material supports the ancillary package set up and much more shields the inner air-tight covering of film. The outer coating will probably be split from handling problems. Besides, because of the ancillary material is in between which is applied separately by the two layer, the inner layer remains intact and thus the coil stays sealed and protecteds


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