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 Coil Packing line: The system consists of worktable, curler conveyor, automatic wrapping machine and semiauto stacker。 Simple description 1.Name and model, volume Equipment name:Steel coil wrapping machine Model:GW1400 Amount: 1set 2.Basic parameters in the machine The basic parameters are as follows, but not binding to this. Fundamental characteristics: a.Automated Wrapping Machine 1.Outstanding collections. Well known brand names are used for principal components. 2.Automated conveyor functioning kitchen table to connect creation series. 3.Inverter for conveyor velocity changing. 4.Loaded coil move to stacking by auto conveyor. 5.Indication alarms immediately when difficulty takes place. 6.Supportive rollers picking up the coil from conveyor for wrapping. According to the requirements 7.The inverters adopted to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape. 8.Wrapping tape tension could be altered. 9.Ring speed adjustable by convertor. 10.Curler speed adaptable by convertor. 11.Packing tape stress can be adjusted. 12.Automatic materials cutting 13.Difference packing materials may be choosing. 14.Helping rollers are covered by polyurethane. 15.Gentle start and stop. 16.Diamond ring original position reset. 17.Overlapping adaptable from 10%-90% 18.Wrapping technique: Substance as stocking in the substance wheels of engagement ring as wrapping. 19.Auto packing substance pre-stacking with storage space panel for material preparation for the best bundle. It is able to prevent the materials folding in wrapping. 20.PLC&HMI and system---Graphical user interfaceProgramming and operation, immediately functioning. 21.Automated back and front coil packing positioning. 22.Auto packing material cutting and feeding for automatic wrapping 23.Automatic packing materials giving in up coming wrapping. b.Semiauto conveyor Stacking Machine 1.Conveyor stacker for relocating the loaded coil. 2.Hydraulic program for adjusting the height degree 3.Personally assistant for stacking. 4.Coil with pallet height Optimum.700mm 5.Hydraulic station Optimum. Launching 5T 6.Conveyor stacker Maximum. Launching 3T Specialized parameter GW1400: Subject excess weight: 100-3000kg Package deal size: 30-300mm Package deal OD: 600-1400mm Package Identification: 508mm Curler Velocity: 2-4m/min Wrapping pace: 20-60sec/pcs Revolving speed: 20-100r/min Overlap scope: 20Per cent-80Per cent Energy output: app. 3.6kw Strength voltage: 380v/60Hz Air flow supply: 4-6kgf/m2 Packing substance: PP belt Identification: 50mm OD: 100-500mm Size: 100mm Basic configuration£o PLC-SIEMENS, HMI-SIEMENS, Converter Sensor Autonics and SIEMENS, Encoder-DELTA, pneumatic aspect-AIRTEC Primary motors-Dongli/Jiemai£?change?¢button?¢Contactor- Schneider. Ensure value£o Ring speed£o 20-100r/min Wrapping effect£o Product area is sleek and even. Functioning hrs in the machine Effective operating hour or so per year£o7200h Environment protection£o Noises control of the machine environment£o Meet with the national specifications for noise management. Emission regular Emission from the squander waste and gas normal water meet up with countrywide specifications.


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