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The package concept is an integral part of the coil packing machine design.


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 The machine puts a tight layer of film over all surfaces of the coil.


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 The present application relates to machines for bundling collectively predetermined numbers of tubes to allow them to be taken care of with all the lowest chance of injury and moved far more readily than when reduce. Traditionally tubes have been supplied from companies and manufacturers healing produced tubes to terminate consumers in volumes in steel boxes, the tubes becoming loosely loaded from the storage containers. The end customers have however and now, launched a condition that pipes are delivered inside an effortlessly dealt with form and in fairly small levels. For this stop, as a result, machines have already been produced that acknowledge the made pipes and bundle the pipes into provides of a predetermined variety which might then easily be handled by fork-raise pickup trucks or cranes, for instance. The fee for the machines in, however, is and high numerous situations the methods are not capable of recognizing tubes direct in the mill at the higher rates of production which necessitates an extra move of initially gathering tubes and after that supplying these to the bundling machine. We have now now created a machine that may be reasonably inexpensive to is and manufacture capable of creating round and square, oblong or hexagonal molded bundles. The wrapping machine can also be capable to receive tubes at a high speed, possibly from a tubing mill or coming from a pipe coil packaging machine, such as a corrugated tube packaging machine. The corrugated hose packaging machine operates at a lowered disturbance levels in contrast to tubing assortment techniques. From a single component, for that reason, the current wrapping machine provides an wrapping machine for bundling pipes comprising: the first station including path for continuously loading and keeping track of predetermined amounts of tubes onto a preferably horizontal help associate in a side-by-part set up to provide a single covering of tubes, a 2nd station such as method for receiving the pipes in a predetermined routine of horizontal levels, and path for transferring and releasing mentioned pipes from said help fellow member into mentioned acquiring implies, to provide a coating of pipes therein, said launching and transporting becoming continued until finally a predetermined variety of layers of tubes is obtained in stated acquiring implies in mentioned predetermined routine, and implies programmed to control the number of pipes packed to mentioned support fellow member for move as being a covering to mentioned receiving implies and to manage the volume of tiers of pipes moved to stated getting implies to supply a pack of tubes in the required predetermined pattern. The 1st explained station may be an uppr station and also the secondly station a reduced station positioned underneath the initially station. The assistance member if possible includes two elements assisting the tubes each and every conclusion. Two assistance associates may be offered spread out vertically away from each other, the predetermined amount of tubes counted on the higher fellow member being transferred to the reduced associate for move for the obtaining implies through which procedure a further predetermined quantity of tubes is measured on the uppr participant, the lower fellow member then going back to its original situation to acquire another layer of tubes. Signifies could be located above the assist member to frictionally take part the top of the tubes because they are filled where the tubes are preserved in the shut, ideally touching aspect-by-part partnership. The help associates are maintained spaced apart wrapping machine frame participants located on a typical base; ideally one of the frame members is adjustably maintained the bottom for motion to or out of the other associate to support tubes of various measures.


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