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FPCM Series: Coil packaging machine



metal steel coil packaging linestrip coil packing line

               Copper coil packaging line                                                                         Horizontal coil packaging line 

 1.cement laser screed , CE qualification

 2.Trimble laser system

3.HONDA generator GX630

4.hydraulic pump

5.EATON Motor for Coil wrapping machine The wrapping light screed and wrapping machine can be used in huge region concrete building, including the modern commercial workshop, the large market, storage and airport the plaza, and so forth.

The coil wrapping machine and Screed can satisfy the building specifications of big location and planeness and levelness.

1. Use accuracy laser modern technology, closed loop management modern technology and highly sophisticated integrated hydraulic system, as well as the microcomputer automated manage for coil wrapping operation.

2. Use hydraulic travel method, with laser beam systems and computer control system to make auto stage and concurrently to end questing function.

3. The coil wrapping machine for Emitter which utilized to management the earth elevation is impartial design, so as the floor elevation won't create accumulative error.

4. Laser beam Emitter, can car management the level surface as well as 2-way slope. Kind RWJP12 RWJP14 Engine Design HONDA GX630 Electrical starting up Type Gasoline, atmosphere cooled 4 cerebrovascular event, OHV, double tube Energy 20hp/3600rpm Oils container volume 40L Hydraulic essential oil Amount 50L Generator essential oil quantity 1.5L Fuel intake 318g/kwh Working gadget Traveling 4 Hydraulic push electric motor Tire Strong pierce-evidence tyre Speed -70m/minutes Suggest working velocity 5m/minutes


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