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  A coil packaging line for stacks of tinplate sheets on pallets has to deal with a variety of diverse coil packagings. In purchase to minimize the handbook labour required, the line has a plurality of limitless chain conveyors together forming a conveyor path for the stacks. A liftable and rotatable 1st chain conveyor functions as a collector station for the stacks, and is rotated to align the runners of the pallets transverse to the travel route of the stacks on the conveyors, no matter of the alignment of the sheets in the stack. At a manual packing station, the packaging is partly applied manually. At a subsequent chain conveyor, an computerized strapping equipment ties steel strips around the packed stack to complete the packaging. Coil Packaging line for coil packing stacks of rectangular tinplate sheets on pallets, comprising (a) a ongoing conveyor path for stated stacks comprised of a plurality of conveyors organized end-to-stop so as to kind mentioned ongoing conveyor route, each mentioned conveyor above at the very least a portion of explained conveyor path currently being a chain conveyor having at minimum on unlimited member with higher and reduced runs shifting parallel to the journey path of the stack, the upper run providing a support floor for the stacks, (b) a handbook workstation in explained conveyor path at which guide packing operations are performed on the stacks, (c) a very first one of explained chain conveyors getting a collector station at which successively said stacks are formed on the pallets, the mentioned first conveyor becoming vertically movable and rotatable about a vertical axis by means of at the very least 90° so as to be capable of turning a stack via 90°, (d) a second one particular of stated chain conveyors currently being found at stated manual workstation and following said first chain conveyor in the route of travel of the stack, (e) a strapping device of coil packaging line adapted instantly to implement straps around a stack partially packed at explained handbook workstation, mentioned strapping equipment being positioned adjacent a 3rd a single of explained chain conveyors, following said handbook workstation in the course of journey of the stacks. two. Packing line in accordance to claim one more possessing (f) right after mentioned collector station and ahead of said manual packing station, a branch coil packaging conveyor connecting to the said conveyor path adapted for placing stacks into the conveyor route and getting stacks out of the principal conveyor path. 9. Packing line according to assert one possessing (g) a next guide workstation at a fourth a single of explained chain conveyors found following mentioned strapping machine in the direction of vacation of the stacks, and (h) a next coil strapping machine at a fifth a single of said chain conveyors positioned after stated next guide workstation in the route of journey of the stacks.


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