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FPCM Series: Coil Master

steel coil eye through packing machine

 The new model coil packing machine will finish off all the process instantly, reel giving, date stamping ,case developing ,finish, cutting, filling and sealing merchandise conveying. It provides the benefits of strong building, good performance,individual-companionship and complete automation to save lots of human expense. Program: The automated top to bottom form fill up seal packaging machine pack virtually all liquid, powder and granule substance ,such as: candy, puff snack meals, potato chips, crispy rice,candy and jelly,, dumpling, small cookie, milk products non, liquid and powder-meals, and so on Machines system and parts accessories : Substance giving funnel Film roll unwinding system with motorize manage Time publishing product Encoder bag size control and eye-tag tracking Handbag sealing, filling and forming Case cutting and finish bag get out of Crucial Highlights of VFFS: Servo electric motor driven pull belts PLC dependent, 7 " touch-screen parameter realignment Pneumatically run horizontal closing jaws PID electronic digital heat control Mechanized film unwinding method Encoder bag length control Picture cell for bag eyesight-mark registration One particular forming set up for quickly changeover handbag dimensions, no resources require. Basic safety defend with safety move Atmosphere lubricator, filter and regulator Auto pneumatic atmosphere purge Advantages and Benefits for Complete program: Strong overall performance, exceptional packing quality, fantastic user encounter Reliable and compact, the simple style of the baggers make sure they are very easy to established-up, operate, and maintain. Probably the most cost-effective coil packaging machine in the marketplace, the series provide great worth with the outstanding Return on your investment. Designed for affordable of maintenance using away from-the-rack elements. Interfaces easily with coil packing auxiliary devices.  


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Fhope own capability to streamline your packaging process--providing seamless transfer of both physical coils and their accompanying coil data. For more information about steel coil packing solution you can click here

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