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FPCM Series: Coil Master

steel coil eye through packing machine

 2.3Basic data from the metal coils£o GD 2000------- ? Item material: steel coil ? Coil width£¨W£?800??1600mm ? Coil outer size(OD)£o700-2000mm ? Coil inner diameter£¨ID£?£o 610mmm ? Coil weight£o1-27Mt ? Packing material£oPE Identification: 50mm OD: 100-250mm Width: 150-200mm (The very best dimension for package is going to be giving in machine designing) ? Shutter speed£oapp.2-3m/sec ? Overlap rate£o20%??90% ? Power £oapp 11.0Kw ? Power supply£o420V£?3-phase 5 collection ? Air supply£o6??8kgf/cm2 ? Basic configuration£o PLC-SIEMENS£?HMI-SIEMENS£?Converter-SIEMENS£?Sensor-- Autonics Encoder-DELTA£? pneumatic element-AIRTEC£?Main engines-YK£?switch?¢button?¢Contactor- Schneider?£ 2.4 Guarantee value£o a)Shuttle speed£o 2-3m/sec b)Wrapping effect£o Item surface area is smooth as well as. 3. Working hrs of the machine Effective operating hour for each year£o7200h?£ 4. Ecological safety Noise control over the equipment environment£oMust talk with the national requirements for sound control. 5. Emission standard Emission from the waste gas and waste drinking water talk with national requirements. ?t?¢Scope of supply 1?¢ Provide list£o No.Itemsamount 1Primary motor from the machine with guide rail1 looking for each 2C-type Orbital.1set 3Electric cupboard, guardrail and so on.1set for each 4Shuttle2 units 5Blocker roller station1 units 6Spare parts and manual1 looking for each 7PLC&HMI control program1 looking for each Procedure: 1.Loading the coils by crane, C-hook, forkman on blocker roller stations. Coils can also be taken to the blocker curler station by walking ray, coil vehicle or conveyor. 2.Wrapper shifting to the blocker curler stations which loaded with coil. The wrapper placement itself. Changing the elevation from the U-type monitor for different coil OD for packing material dispensing shuttle go across the middle of ID. 3.You-kind monitor shut. 4.Packing material fix on the coil by handbook/by mechanised hand automated (optional). 5.Wrapping begin. 6.Wrapping completed and seal by manual/by mechanised hand automated (optional). 7.Wrapper movements to a different blocker curler station for following packing. 8.The packed coil unloading and reload the coil by crane as wrapper in packing.



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