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 1. This hit is really a strong and stable push with 80T ability, and it has a tremendous bedplate for form sitting down. 2. The large bedplate comes with a huge form lifter with variable position to assist in altering the moulds and adapting to the different size of them. 3. A large growth shaft comes with this machine, as well as the shaft is motivated by an available speed electric motor to chill the coil as needed by the speed and cycle amount of the digital feeder in the press. 4. The size of your feeding product is adjustable to complement the strip size in the mould currently in using the press. The length controller can manage the serving step and speed precisely. 5. There are lots of air flow links with tension regulators, which offer effortless mould set up-up. 6. It may work moderate pot form in multiple-tooth decay and large container form in solitary or increase tooth decay. Elements of Line Aspects of production line: 1. Car-lubricated Foil Feeder 2. Duration Controller 3. Seimens Management Panel 4. Pneumatic Hit 5. Auto foil coil packaging machine and Stacker Following-Revenue Assistance

1. Designers available to service machinery international. 2. We can easily supply intermship support and assist you to workout operator and machine. Organization Information , Fhope continues to be committed to creating aluminium foil box mould, aluminium foil pot manufacturing lines and also other loved ones machines. We have been continue to keep researching and developing machines and moulds to fulfill the incorporation and complete-automation of aluminum foil box production. Till March on 2013, we have designed and created 600 aluminum foil pot moulds which are in numerous sizes and shapes. We have now exported machines and moulds to a lot more than 30 countries and offer service to 80 firms. We constantly offer you technological support and consulting service to new clients. Fhope generally be aware on your requirement and concern your company's development. We make each and every work to boost our technology & good quality, to make sure to offer you product or service in best quality and specialized assistance. We requite your expectation and support in the way of improving technologies continuously. Fhope will satisfy your specific demand.


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Fhope own capability to streamline your packaging process--providing seamless transfer of both physical coils and their accompanying coil data. For more information about steel coil packing solution you can click here

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