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FHOPE  cable trunking packing machine



stainless steel tube packing machine





Trunking packing machine connects to extruder for automatic gathering, bundling, bagging and strapping... It is an extremely effective flexible bagging machine for long objects, is able to handle a different size cable trunking. The forming device is adjustable for different length, width, weight...

trunking packing machine


A) The trunking packing machine includs infeed conveyor, bagging station.
B) The speed of the conveyor is adjustable in trunking packing machine.
C) Trunking packing system wIth PLC and HMI that allows to different bagging production
D) Quality temperature precise control for a perfect bag sealing.
E) easy handling and installation
F) High speed bagging and strapping.
G) Lower your labor cost and material save.


Technical date:


Turnking size:

                      Length:no limited            Width:10-200mm            Height:10-100mm


Power supply:380v,60Hz

Air supply:6-8Bar

Bag packing speed:50m/min




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The trunking packing machine--- Operational, mechanical and technological manuals supplied in manual and on CD additionally advisable spare sections checklist. Maintenance guide also supplied with documentation for cleaning and cleanliness treatments. devices can put together trunking bundle and wrapping, produce multipacks for bundling of merchandise, Fhopepack offers the overall resolution – from trunking bundling and out-feeding to warehouse.


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