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 The automatic pallet wrapping machine of our company has passed CE certification. It's for automatic pallet packaging requirement.



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As far as concerns aluminum profiles packaging systems, aluminum packing machine can offer many, different and technically advanced solutions. Essentially we can easily recommend both solutions the location where the total method is principally run and controlled from the plants and operators using a better standard of automation. These last versions, specifically considered for the best challenging trading markets, as they require a reduced quantity of employees, reduce the jogging charges and ensure the lowest measure of occurrence on doing work time with the user with a consequent ability to increase the logistic performance with regards to regards the final item flow. Scarica la brochure in formato pdf Sfoglia on-line la brochure Principal Equipment 1) aluminum Papers packing DISPENSER The user can pre-programmed the volume and the duration of the sheet essential for becoming interposed involving the user profiles through the sub-bundle formation. According to the requirements of the customer, the paper stretcher is predisposed for stretching sheets' layers on an adequate platform, the sheets are cut out from spools of plastic material or paper. The spool's replacing device is simple and easy quick (no hard surgical procedures required). 2) Aluminum profile Bundle TIGHTENERS Before entering the packing line, the operators put together some profiles for a sub-bundle formation. Following the guide formation of the built package of user profiles, the identical it can be laid by several operators around the conveyor belts in correspondence in the bundle centring devices. Following the sub-package deal centring and securing, the wheels of the packages' tighteners rise up, learn to change and place in the package alone in just one / a few founded details, by using satisfactory tapes of extensible nylon. The volume of changes that the tires can make throughout the deal might be set through the operator's panel. 3) ALUMINUM WRAPPING MACHINE The wrapping machine is susceptible for that placement of two polyethylene cylinders of 300mm. diameter and 120 mm. thickness, organised by adequate moves bearers and a technical device that can be modified for the stretching of the film that wraps the sub-bundles/profiles. The primary shaft is supported by two unique tennis ball bearings that allow the realisation in the sub- bundles'/profiles' development, with an optimum overlapping from the addressing film. The wrapping machine is equipped with two motorized groupings for the advancement of your sub-bundles/profiles with factor velocity, and with a hooking and cutting system in the film through the putting together stage from the last sub-bundle/user profile.







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