wire coil compacting and handling system

Coil managing system, Wire coil compacting and strapping device

Reform Station

Coils are obtained onto the pallet by suggests of an effortless down method.

Pallet Conveyor Line
The conveyer line is developed from the following parameters: capability, amount of doing work stations, coil bodyweight and buffer demand.

Trimming Station
Trimming of coil leading and bottom waps is also feasible in the vertical method (not revealed on the photograph).

Coil Compactor type, PCV-P
The Coil Compactor is made to accommodate a wide variety of coil heights. The Compactor can be geared up with either wire or strapping units.

Weighing Station and Tag Marking
The weighing and tag marking are developed to follow the customer’s desire.

Unloading Station
Several sorts of unloading stations are obtainable Storing Rack, Walking Beam and storage Car.

Electrical Handle System – Tracking
As for the horizontal program, the total system is PLC controlled. Monitoring of the coils is dependent on hook identification visitors interconnected to mill personal computer technique.

Hydraulic Method
The place essential, the actions are hydraulically operated with oil supply from a SUND BIRSTA central electrical power unit.

Benefits OF Wire coil compacting and strapping machine
– Lowered investment owing to the simplicity of reform station exactly where the coils are shaped right on to the pallet.
– Basic design with belt generate and immediate shaft pushed motors assures reduced maintenance and charges.
– Effortless to lengthen because of to standardised wheel sections.
– The Coil Compactor and the 4 wire/strap binding models are made for simple accessibility to important elements.
– Open view from the operator station, which simplifies the operation.
– Reduced sound level due to the belt generate of the wheel sections.
– Minimum flooring space essential for a total conveying process.