vane launching if the packaging machine firecrackers schematic

Systems orbit one, double firecrackers packaging machine

[0001] The present technology belongs to the technological field of manufacturing machinery and equipment, especially a sort of form could have been gathered in connection with packing firecrackers individual or double-increase machine packing way throughout the orbit can change readily.


[0002] Currently, the marketplace there is a firecracker packaging machine, utilizing the low dual-covering framework, the machine is simply too great, too much time, the 2 procedures to fulfill the design should change manufacturing targets, there is just one man or woman to face procedures. Moreover, even the structure of a one package packed with increase switch machines to accomplish but not implemented by artificially done.


[0003] specialized difficulty to become solved from the existing invention is to provide a basic height, structure and length of the moderate, throughout the flexibility to change the machine composition to accomplish even firecrackers packing move with dual packaging, and given that one person should be able to meet the design targets middle class Orbit solitary, twice firecrackers packaging machine.

[0004] From the provide technology, the subsequent practical answer to the above mentioned difficulties: An individual orbit, firecrackers twice packaging machine, comprising a framework, the motor and reducer, the shipping and delivery system, the automated sizing process, dual delivery pistol signifies rail flap, recognized in this: In order to install the tank even guns, even under artillery tank, artillery tank conveyor belt tensioner, even under the conveyor belt driven wheel gun , under the wrapping paper shaft, front and rear wheel papermaking papermaking round, the rack mounted inside the lower left motor and reducer; upper frame from left to right to set the driving wheel and the rear end of the main conveyor sprocket combinations, guide rollers and back-end chain combination, the former prop gun board, prop gun boards, prop gun wheel, roller pressure gun, the wrapping mechanism, driven wheels and the rear end of the main conveyor belt pulley combination, rail flap, even on the conveyor belt driven wheel gun, gun slots driving wheel and the rear end of the conveyor belt sprocket combinations; between the lower and upper portion of the right side of the frame from right to left.

[0005] The system of the wrapping papers wrapping papers promoting rollers, wrapping papers shaft, paddle tire as well as the back end conclusion in the pulley roll combination, pulp and boxes plate make up. Wrapping papers transfer curler is attached to the shaft wrapping in the wrapping papers mounted on the carriage shaft, moving rims mounted higher than the slurry below the bracket, the slurry package.

[0006] The guide flap which can be established or sealed trapezoidal solar panels.

[0007] even firearms on artillery and tanks in relationship slots are parallel synchronous functioning and can be used alone or connected to the top container artillery and guns in connection slots.

[0008] emphasize the benefits of the present technology is:

[0009] 1, due to be launched or shut down having a flap track double packing fall with packing is possible or firecrackers.

[0010] 2, the dwelling is not difficult, reasonable length and height, so long as a single person will be able to move creation to fulfill the look features.


[0011] Figure 1 is really a solitary orbit of the provide innovation, a schematic structure of any increase packing machine firecrackers.

[0012] Body 2 is a individual orbit of your provide creation, the state dual manual flap shut down packaging machine firecrackers schematic.

[0013] Shape 3 can be a individual orbit in the present innovation, the state increase guide vane opening once the packaging machine firecrackers schematic.

body marked: Rack 1, the motor and reducer 2, the traveling tire along with the back end from the major conveyor sprocket mixture 3, guide rollers and back again-stop sprocket blend 4, 5 front side board prop firearm, soon after prop gun plate 6, prop gun roller 7, the key conveyor buckle 8, the strain rollers 9 firearms, the wrapping document promoting rollers 10, the shaft 11 wrapping paper, roll paddle wheel and the back end finish of your pulley mixture 12, 13 pulp containers and mounting brackets, belt 14 , powered rims and the rear end of your main conveyor sprockets, pulleys blend of 15, 16 rail flap, including the gun around the conveyor buckle driven pulley 17, the travel wheel and artillery reservoir conveyor backend sprockets, pulleys mix of 18, chain 19, pistol trough conveyor belt tensioner 20, even under the firearm conveyor belt powered pulley 26, the shaft 21 under the wrapping papers, including the firearm on funnel 22, even within the firearm slot machines 23, 24 rounds prior to roll benefit, roll edge soon after 25 rounds, another Even weapon conveyor driven wheel 26.