vacuum coil packaging machine

Technical features: this series of vacuum coil packaging machine has the function of vacuum pumping, sealing, printing, cooling the complete, vacuum packing is suitable for food and drug, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products to prevent oxidation, mildew, corrosion and moisture products, durability, preservation, prolong the storage period of products.
Electric four head bottle brushing and stretch wrapping machine, bottle bottle brushing machine, beer bottle bottle brushing machine use and the use scope:
SP series electric bottle brushing machine is necessary equipment, beer, juice, soda liquor, sesame, sesame oil, honey and other narrow mouth bottles and jars brush bottle. Applicable to a variety of different specifications of the bottle shaped, wide range, strong applicability, low failure rate, less wearing parts etc.. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, economical and practical. The use of the equipment can make workers liberate from the heavy manual brush bottle thoroughly in operation, greatly improving the production efficiency. The series of products are the most ideal bottle washing work products, has been widely used in domestic small and medium sized enterprises.
The structure and working principle of:
This wrapper machine is composed of a machine body, a motor, a brush shaft operation platform, the outer brush, brush, foam bottle groove in the main parts. This machine all parts adopt national standard material, the design is reasonable, simple and beautiful shape structure, convenient operation and repair.
When working in the brush rod will be put into the brush shaft with screw fastening hole. Then start the machine, the inner brush to rotate in the brush shaft drive, the inner brush the bubble good bottle by hand to promote the alignment turning in, (a person to operate two bottles at the same time) when the inner brush contact with the bottom of the bottle and then pushed out bottles, repeated several times, until the bottle has brushed again put the bottle to release the hand let simultaneously hold bottle, bottle brush, brush drive spins the bottle when the bottle brush outside, inside and outside all brush can be a good brush bottle to pass to the next process.
The main technical parameters:
Product name: electric bottle brush machine
No.: SP-
Efficiency: 1000-1200 bottles / hour
Brush speed: 350? /
Applicable to the bottle height?:30-390 (mm)
Applicable to the bottle diameter?:20-150 (mm)
Motor power: 0.55KW/220V
Suitable bottle, narrow mouth bottles and jars
Pressure?:0.2 (Mpa)
Size: 850- 900-980CM
Net weight: 60kg