upender public robot

The upender discloses an internal bushing showing seating upender, which aims at fixing the practical dilemma that the upender provides an internal bushing bearing chair upender suited to preserving internal sleeves of large and medium-measured steel rolling enterprises in metallurgical business, and the internal bushing showing seating upender can turn more than functioning rolls and helping roller displaying seats of varied specifications and so on between education and 90 degrees, thus becoming easy to remove and attach accessories and bearings in the having seating.

Statements(10) converted from Chinese

1 An inner sleeve displaying upender machine, which can be recognized with electric unit (I), hydraulic station (2), and resolved on such basis as a turn station (12), two synchronous hydraulic cylinders (15 ) in every hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder upper and lower chambers respectively, with the holding chamber, the oil hose (22), (23) interacting hydraulic station hydraulic pipe (3), the piston rod (19) finish of the outside earrings with threaded go gimbal showing (11), the main hole in the having universal turn flick station middle pin link.

(2) as claimed in claim I whereby the interior sleeve bearing upender, described for the reason that mentioned turn desk (12), the flick position (T90 ??, upender the main focus plane in the bottom; the still left spindle (14 ) productive links at the two stops of the spindle via I standoffs (13) installed on the basic.