Transmitting coil wrapping machine line

The machine can arrange the products according to the packing format. 2. They have novelty design and lightweight construction. 3. They have wide software; it is actually suitable for various goods 4. It is easy to shift and can be combined with coil packaing line specially. 5. It really is operated by the computer and simple to operate and steady the main specs /hr 1 coil /hr type4*6 Containers dimeterD=? 50-? 120 H=110-360 Animal

1.Self-regulating container guardrail

2.Stainless-steel jar gripper

3.Transmit potential: 40000B/H

buckle conveyor curler

Brief Intro:

buckle conveyor curler

Aircraft conveyor of wrapping machine landline contains straight, curve and inclined conveying. It has good deposition buffering function and is mostly

applied for glass and plastic bottles conveyance. It has stress less promoting function rich in strain cleansing device and chain dish

lubrication device and axle-mounted engine.

Notice: It can be completely mounted as required.

Lightweight Andimaginative form,The structure is innovative, exclusive.

Electronic induction giving film, action is balanced and quickly changing film.

Isothermal closing cutter .The close strength is over air conditioning securing cutter 3 time, the close is even and the life is previously mentioned cooling down securing cutter 80 periods.

Carry system with pace control by regularity variety, the transmitting action is specific and synchrony .

The wrapping shrinkage holding chamber utilizes centrifugal thermal air circulation method, configuration is logical, heat efficiency warmth preservation, thermostat precision is higher as well as the packing impact is much better.

Personality : SIMENS,LGTAIAN and ,UNIQUC,NORGEN ect superior management part on the planet, Effectively-outfitted.