The upender makes up clamping units for coil turning

[0006] A mushroom culture substance of said personal-propelled stacker machine, where: said framework is supplied above therefore feed tire stretching aside of a release baffle.

[0007] A mushroom culture material of stated self-propelled stacker machine, described for the reason that: the back of your carrier installed palm hold.

[0008] A mushroom tradition substance of stated personal-propelled stacker machine, where: explained back end rack attached energy switch.

[0009] The energy version has the advantages of:

[0010] This energy version structure is simple, user friendly, can swap the handbook for quick and successful stacker, not only decreases the effort strength, and also for mushroom tradition substance stacker uniform, excellent outcome, and properly improve the operate effectiveness .


[0011] Figure 1 is really a schematic structural look at the energy model.

Specific embodiments

[0012] Figure 1 demonstrates, 1 sort of mushroom tradition materials personal-propelled stacker machine, including holder I, Holder I set up inside the motor unit

2, the spindle 3 along with the major sprocket 4, the spindle 3 is mounted on a plurality of sprockets 5, the electric motor 2 along with the result shaft by way of a sequence generate connected to the spindle 3, the spindle 3 through a sequence generate relationship with the principle sprocket 4, the front side from the rack I Change 4 is installed with the major sprocket wheel 6 linkage stacker, stacker wheel 6 equidistant distribution of numerous upender slurry 7, the spindle 3 – terminal linked to a generate with clutch 8 is installed on the carrier I drive with clutch system 8 connection handle 9, the rack shaft 10 is mounted the bottom I, the strength result shaft of the clutch 8 through the equipment set up 11 and also the travel shaft 10 linked to both ends from the shaft 10 working tire 12 is mounted, the foot of the holder by two stroll I back tire 12 rotatably fitted using a manual wheel 13. Joystick 9 can manage the drive axle 10 as well as the spindle 3 connecting or disconnecting.