The upender includes clamping devices for copper coil turning

According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, [0033] Compared with the prior art, the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, its simple structure, the stability of flip operation, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0034] The above mentioned sketches, the upender with an outstanding outline of execution of the invention is actually not restricted from the above-defined method, given that the technique of making use of the very idea of the technology and various modifications from the upender, without or with advancement The concept of the upender is immediately applicable for some other upenders and applications, and therefore are from the scope of protection of your creation.

The energy product discloses an auto area framework fixing upender upender. The car side framework fixing upender upender consists of basics, whereby a machine container is installed on the foundation, a driving motor unit is set up in the machine pack and is also linked to a rate-variation gadget within a transmission mode, an electric power output shaft of the pace-variance system is vertically supplied with an overupender transverse left arm, two part body help rods that happen to be established in opposing guidelines are sleeved on the overupender transverse arm, either side frame help rod is supplied with a aspect frame help rod securing device, and side body locking devices are respectively arranged with the inside aspects, in complete opposite directions, from the area structure assistance rods. One side body assist rods are positioned and adjusted, a workpiece is placed about the part body assistance rod and is locked and positioned throughout the part structure sealing devices, the driving motor unit is started and manages the overupender transverse left arm to rotate through the velocity-difference gadget, the overupender transverse left arm pushes along side it framework assist rods to swivel, along side it frame assist rods push the side frame to spin, and the objective of easily and flexibly altering a side framework is accomplished. The car aspect structure fixing upender upender is capable of doing enabling the side body to openly spin at 360 degrees, meets the repairing upender prerequisite, and improves mending upender work and quality efficiency.