The quality continuous sandwich solar panel creation machine

The Vintage Panel Laminating Line is system made up of just one module encompassing steel pressing, processing and gluing associated a number of available units for coil dealing with, solar panel stop solutions and also other pre and submit processing systems offered by MDI. This provides you with an incredibly compact panel machine for the producing of sandwich individual panels with EPS, Nutrient Wool along with other core materials in page structure.

The MDI Methods Timeless lines are an basic level creation panel packing machine system comprising of all primary laminating, central trimming and steel creating methods in just one lightweight model.

This system can include almost the total selection of MDI choices which can even be additional as being an up grade which include Trapezoidal Roofing Solar panels, Key Fix Joints Panels, Automatic Key Handling, numerous Coil Dealing with choices and many others, as needed.

This system has to be put together with coil coping with, a panel cutoff system and runout conveyors plus an extraction system like a lowest to be able to create solar panels. Please talk about sections on these things to finish the Classic Panel Machine to be prepared for panel production.

While this system is very comparable and capable for some other solutions out there the MDI Whole Collection Board Manufacturing System should be considered for top amount manufacturing of magic formula correct, particular roofing and nutrient wool cored sections particularly to the structural market.

The Vintage Range is made up of the following simple segments

Coil Dealing with – from fundamental coil owner designs towards the MDI whole overhung coil holder and coil packing vehicle

Timeless Module – which includes all characteristics of central trimming, stainlesss steel advantage and experience roll gluing, forming and pressing

Cut Off Module – quiet blade cutting, bandsaw or circular saw techniques

Resources Coping with and Automation Techniques – pending the lay features the system can include a variety of material and automation dealing with options which include solar panel stacking, central loading, roof structure solar panel upgrades, and so on..