The power product pertains to an upender

The power version concerns an upender to get a rotating upender machine. The upender makes up a structure, a guide rail bracket as well as a switching system, wherein the manual rail bracket is set up on the structure, and a guide rail along with a attach rod are set up on the guide rail bracket; a engine which can be matched using the screw rod and drives the attach rod to swivel is mounted on top end in the information rail bracket; the transitioning system is placed on the information rail and equalled together with the attach rod, along with the changing process can shift along the guideline rail within the matching of your motor unit and the screw rod; along with the switching device consists of a fixing chair, a engine, a aquarium suction power fingers, a magnet groove seating repairing platter, a magnet groove seating, a shaft sleeve and an concave wheel. In contrast to a traditional manipulator changing system, the upender has the benefits of easy composition, reasonable design and style, higher function productivity and efficiency in taking and putting, the changing problem of the metallic reservoir from the spinning upender machine is resolved, as well as the production necessity of your rotating upender machine is satisfied.

interpreted from China

1 A You-turn rotary sewing upender machine, comprising a framework, framework rails, change, distinguished for the reason that: framework rails mounted on the body; said rail frame rails along with a screw is installed; the fitted earlier mentioned the top of rail body works with stated attach, push its spinning motors; You-turn is installed on rails with said attach using the motor unit and also the attach is possible under the collaboration over the side rails movements.

(2) as claimed in claim 1, whereby a You-transform rotary upender machine part, distinguished in that: You-transform system features a bracket, the engine, suction tank hand, the magnetic reservoir seat fixing dish, magnetic container bushings, seat and the recess rounded; bracket fixedly mounted on the mating connector with guide and screw rail moving chair; motor fixedly attached to the bracket; stated engine shaft by way of a curler chain coupling with sleeve link located outside of the owner with; explained sleeve having a couple of magnet correcting sleeve groove base repairing dish; stated sleeve has a set of fixing sleeve in the magnet mating groove recessed seating correcting platter tire; explained recess is provided with a set of wheel recesses groove; explained sleeve groove basic fixing sleeve and also the magnetic displaying with the set platter by; said magnetic fixing platter are set in the sockets attached a couple of magnetic container chair; said magnet tank chair attached using a movable suction power aquarium palm; hand the electro-magnetic suction power reservoir composition; mentioned suction power canister fingers end is linked to one particular finish of the information column; stated information column one other finish features a browse tire, information publish is likewise fixed having a spring season; said carefully with the concave roller wheel, having its cooperation.