The panel packaging machine system can even be put in place for laminating EPS

manufacturing system has been created from your MDI Classic variety to supply more overall flexibility in manufacturing with more innovative modern technology even though sustaining exactly the same inexpensive approach. The “FULL LINE” could be set up from a basic/entry level system right through to a fully optioned system to produce individual panels with Vitamin Wool core material. It could be upgraded into a continuous direct injection collection for that production of PUR and PIR panels without the higher investment capital expense required by the standard “European” fashion injection devices

The MDI “Full Line” system permits creation of sophisticated secret and architectural correct fashion individual panels and incredibly deeply trapezoidal solar panel profiles unavailable on “Classic” facial lines. With roll in, roll out bottom generating bed furniture alternatives it also permits fast changeover among a variety of solar panel profile systems.

The MDI “Full Line” can be a absolutely modular and therefore totally accommodating system where by personal units make up the complete system with distinctive separate stations/equipment for gluing, forming, trimming and pressing and so forth.

The MDI solutions Full Range system options and layout add the following modules

COIL Cases – Options for coil dealing with range between fundamental mandrel sort solutions to cantilevered driven coil owners with coil vehicles.

Joints ROLL FORMING – The MDI Total Specs Series roll forming system is developing bones for wall surface, top secret repair and roof profiles in a lightweight aspect shift model. This total line roll-generating system is superior due to extra forming size and all creating being done before any core intro.

Primary LOADING – Choices incorporate a number of cores such as EPS and Vitamin Wool.

Key Handling – For key shaping and sanding, etc.

Fasten APPLICATION – MDI supply various options such as wiping and spraying systems.

LAMINATING Push – Different span Roller Presses are for sale to distinct range rate requirements or perhaps a Caterpillar Click for supreme laminating system.

Solar panel CUTTING – A range of board decreasing techniques like the MDI Universal Bandsaw and Calm Blade reducing techniques.

Board STACKING and WRAPPING- The Board Stacking Techniques can be installed together with the latest MDI designed Board Flipper and Conveyor Methods as needed.

Additional Options

As there are many options seen on the MDI Complete Collection System you should call us to learn more

MDI Methods is undoubtedly an update fully collection system including caterpillar click and full products motivated roll foming systems for that edge joint system.

The system is available by MDI because the “standard” system for PU and PIR board collections.

The panel packaging machine system can be set up for laminating EPS and Nutrient Wool Panels.

Even though MDI create this robust board system consumers should also look into in its place the MDI Techniques Complete Range for factor.

The MDI caterpillar click might be integrated into the MDI Systems Full board packing Range System for Injected and Laminated Foam Individual panels