the manufacturer creating the panel packaging machine with film panel display sections

This creation enables the slender film screen panel to become securely safeguarded only using the packing panel wrapping line alone without resorting to additional guarding device, unlike the preceding art, thus dealing with the problems which may take place due to utilisation of the further guarding model, and minimizing an economical problem on the producing organization which produces the lean film screen panel by means of the 50 %-concluded product, consequently maximizing price competition.

[14] One more object with this creation is to produce an panel packaging series for packing a lean film show panel, with a means for horizontally packing slim film panel display solar panels and stacking the loaded solar panels in several layers, hence altering the height in the piled solar panels to match the level of the space for storage of transportation indicates possessing numerous altitudes, and which has a means for safeguarding the slim film show individual panels with out a protecting system or possibly a partition wall surface, unlike traditional packing containers, thus raising the volume of lean film exhibit panels that can be stuffed in one packing panel product packaging series, consequently reducing the amount of deliveries and minimizing transport charges.

Practical Remedy

In order to accomplish the object, the present invention provides an panel packaging line for packing a thin film display panel, including a stacking frame which is open at a center thereof, and a seating step provided inside the stacking frame such that the thin film display panel is horizontally seated thereon, [15]. Beneficial Consequences