The invention of rotated upender

An upender comprising a base, a dinner table attached for rotation on said foundation in a plane increasing in around 45 towards the horizontal, means for turning explained dinner table, a member attached to mentioned dinner table offering a work surface increasing at about 45 to explained plane, and aspect components attached to-stated table and extending at and above the sides of said work surface for accepting the load of an article added to mentioned surface when stated kitchen table is rotated to move mentioned participant coming from a situation where said surface stretches in a substantially horizontal course to a placement by which mentioned work surface stretches in a considerably straight course upwardly, from explained horizontal route, stated area elements becoming spread out from mentioned area to accommodate a pallet which the content is backed.

4. An upender comprising a base, a table fitted for rotation on said bottom in the aeroplane extending at approximate-‘ ly 45 towards the horizontal, means for spinning explained dinner table, a fellow member secured to said kitchen table providing a surface stretching at around 45 to said airplane, and side aspects guaranteed to explained dinner table and extending’above and also at the edges of stated surface for accepting the body weight of an post placed on mentioned area when explained desk is rotated upender to advance mentioned associate from your position where explained area stretches inside a substantially horizontal course into a place through which explained surface stretches inside a considerably straight course upwardly from mentioned horizontal direction, stated part aspects being spaced from mentioned area to allow for a pallet which this content is backed and having aeroplane areas keen in the direction of one another to be able to be engageable together with the peripheral area of cylindrical posts of varied diameters.