The equipment of orbital stretch wrapping machine 3


According to the invention, an apparatus is provided for wrapping a load with packaging material. As embodied herein and demonstrated in Figs. 1 and 2, an equipment for wrapping a lot with packaging material is generally designated with the reference numeral 100 and includes a packaging materials dispenser, method for offering family member rotation from a load along with the dispenser, as well as a packaging materials holder.


As proven in Fig. 1, a dispenser 102 is provided for dispensing packaging materials. Packaging substance dispenser 102 dispenses a page of packaging material 116 within a internet kind. Packaging substance dispenser 102 contains a roll carriage 109 that works with a roll of packaging materials 108. Roll carriage 109 of dispenser 102 is mounted on and vertically moveable on a mast 104, shown in Fig. 1, to distribute packaging materials 116 spirally about weight 124 as rotation is provided in between fill 124 and dispenser 102. Roll carriage 109, as embodied herein and shown in Fig. 1, incorporates a assist for packaging fabric roll 108 and path for moving forward mast 104. Additionally, roll carriage 109 might include a pot for positioning packaging fabric roll 108, along with a slit for dispensing packaging materials 116 from packaging fabric roll 108.


In the desired embodiment, stretch place packaging material is used. From the stretch wrapping art work, stretch place packaging fabric has proven to have a great produce coefficient to permit the content a large amount of stretch throughout wrapping. Many other packaging supplies, usually not thought to be stretch cover materials, like strapping, netting and banding and adhesive tape, can be used nicely. Dispenser 102 may also incorporate many different rollers, optionally which include prestretch rollers for extending the packaging substance longitudinally and transversely, to place, dispense, and stretch the packaging fabric as packaging fabric 116 is being dispensed in the roll of packaging material.


As displayed in Figs. 1 and 2, equipment 100 includes method for delivering general rotation between the dispenser and also the load to place packaging material around the load. As embodied herein, the means for providing relative rotation include a conventional turntable assembly 120. Turntable construction 120 carries a rotatable turntable 122. Turntable assembly 120 may be placed proximate a conveyor to obtain a lot 124 to be wrapped from your stress developing region. Weight 124 is rotated by rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine of turntable assemblage 120 to deliver comparable movements involving dispenser 102 and fill 124.


However, not displayed here, turntable construction 120 might include an uppr promoting work surface using a plurality of powered rollers. Relative rotation may be accomplished by rotating dispenser 102 around a stationary load, as an alternative to the turntable embodiment.


According to the present invention, a packaging material holder for automatically releasing and grasping portions of the packaging material is provided. As embodied herein and demonstrated in Figs. 1 – 4, the packaging fabric owner includes packaging fabric owner 110, mounted on rotatable turntable stretch wrappping machine of turntable assembly 120. Packaging fabric owner 110 incorporates a clamp forholding and grasping, and releasing packaging materials 116, as well as a mechanical motion for actuating the clamp. A roper for forming a rope in the stretch packaging fabric, and a packaging fabric weakener for weakening the packaging fabric just before severing are provided as well within this embodiment.