The device of stretch wrapping machine 4

These apparatuses produce a particular level somewhat high-priced because of the pneumatic or electronic control of the packaging materials holder or even the difficult design of the packaging material holder on its own. Some complication of the mechanism controlling the packaging material holder is due to the fact that the gripper are provided with rather long jaws that have to be removed from the initial position in which they holds the packaging material in order to avoid that the jaws be wrapped together with the load.

In the lighting of the fee for such automated equipment, there exists a need for an approach and device for wrapping a lot with packaging material that works as efficiently as individuals formerly designed to enable intelligent relieve and clamping of area of the packaging fabric but which may be constructed in a lower cost.


According to the present invention there is provided a method of wrapping a load with packaging material, comprising:

grasping a leading stop of packaging material having a packaging material holder placed on a rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine and remote from any electric or water source of energy of through the rotatable turntable;

dispensing packaging fabric coming from a packaging fabric dispenser and revolving the turntable to wrap packaging fabric throughout the sides of the fill;

automatically delivering the key conclusion in the packaging fabric from the packaging substance owner; and

immediately grasping a trailing stop of your packaging materials with all the packaging material holder at the level upstream from the leading finish;