The apparatus of orbital stretch wrapping machine 8

As embodied herein and displayed in orbital stretch wapping machine, a packaging materials weakener is provided for weakening the packaging material 116 between your load 124 and the dispenser 102. The packaging fabric holder 110 ideally includes a cutter 142. Cutter 142 may include an compared decreasing component, like scissors, or even a single slicing element for instance a razor blade. Cutter 142 is connected to an actuation lever 144 which moves with jaws 112, 114. Actuation handle 144 is moveable from a free position as well as a get in touch with place. 114 move along downstream path 152, jaws 112, 114 open, automatically releasing packaging material 116, scooping element 140 moves upward to scoop the lower edge of the web of packaging material 116 into a rope 118, and actuator lever 144 moves from the free position to the contact position, as jaws 112. When actuation handle 144 is incorporated in the contact position, cutter 142 is stimulated to diminish packaging substance 116 by cutting no less than a part of the website of packaging materials 116, such as the rope 118 of packaging fabric 116.

The apparatus may include means for securing a trailing end of packaging material to the load, according to one aspect of the present invention. The means for securing includes a film wipedown mechanism for wiping a film tail onto the load after the packaging material has been cut, as embodied herein. As demonstrated in Fig. 1, the film wipedown system 180 consists of wipe loops 182 along with a wipe left arm 184. This allows a film tail to get wiped to load 124 because the packaging materials 116 is cut.

Other cutters and wipedown preparations may also be used.

According to the present invention is shown in Figs a method for wrapping a load. 5 – 11. As demonstrated in Fig. 5 and according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a load 124 is conveyed by a conveyor 118 to a turntable assembly 120 in the wrapping station and load 124 is positioned on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Jaws 112, 114 of packaging material owner 110 keep a leading finish segment 30 of the roped sheet of stretch wrapping packaging material 116, if at all possible stretch cover packaging fabric. Cog 132 is positioned in a downstream stop of packaging materials owner 110, and jaws 112, 114 are positioned on the upstream finish of packaging materials holder 110, and camera follower 158 is placed on the upstream part of ramp.