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Coil packaging range Installment

Machinery merchandise is the unquestioned frontrunners amongst coil handling and processing components and lines. When ultra-accuracy and precision finalizing of copper, brass and aluminum stainless steel, stainlesss steel or cherished metallic is needed, K&S items are sure to meet or go beyond your demands.

In the middle of the systems can be a rock and roll reliable industry standard Allen Bradley PLC having a color touch-screen for user user interface. Winding variables as well as stress might be stored and retrieved to generate identical comes from coil to coil irrespective of user. Our Multi-Brain methods are networked to reduce being forced to enter parameters at each individual winder.

products are the unquestioned managers amid coil handling and processing components and lines. When ultra-accuracy and precision processing of copper, brass and aluminum stainless steel, steel or treasured metal is needed, K&S items are guaranteed to fulfill or surpass your demands.

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The main Organizations rely on our information when they have to design their Coil Assistance Facilities. We have now verified a know-how in layouting Slitting And Crosscutting Amenities of metal pieces: Slitting & Lower To Span Lines are made to generate efficient back links between your stocking bays, packed with coils to become packaged, along with the goods gardens, busy with slit coils and sheet packs to get sent on the customers.

This wrapping packing machine is made for steel coil, hose coil, cable

This wrapping packing machine is for wrapping diamond ring kind products, like strip coil,tyress and cabel, and many others., by a variety of film or pieces of paper

ZH sequence engagement ring coil wrapper is actually a machine intended for packing bearing,steel music group,Copper band and other resources created in ring with strech film,wrapping document.Packing surface area is tidiness and beauty.It is actually fully moisture and dust resistant protects and packing the products.

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Coil packaging And Shipping

Packaging Fine detail: regular export ocean deserving packing

Shipping and delivery Fine detail: ten days following receiving your downpayment


entirely automatic

coiling wrapping 2 in 1 machine


with vertical stress bracket

coiling go : 140mm

Machine: Automated Computer Coiling & Wrapping


l Automobile coiling wire from an extrusion line or from repay re-winding line.

l The coil machine will identify flaws if the issue happens, and provide you security alarm.

l Coming in contact with display (Guy-Machine Program) make it easy to operate the machine.

l Servomotor traversing system creates coil with easy work surface.

l It is actually pointless to regulate any parts of the coil wrapping machine when change one size of coil

to another one.

l You could possibly feedback whilst keeping 100 types of coil data within the PLC memory.

. Application:

l Horizontally coiling cables from an extrusion collection or be worthwhile line..

l Wire size: Remember to sees final webpage of this specialized information.

. Parts:

l Span countertop————————–1 establish

l Wire/cable feeding rod—————–1 set

l Entrance type Cutter————————-1 established

l Coiling plate & coiling mind———–1 set up

l Traversing method———————–1 set

l 4 hands provider (Optionally available)—————1 established

l Wrapping ring (C-ring) ———————1 established

l Automobile Tag Feeder (Optionally available)————–1 established

. Common spares:

l Procedure tools box————————– 1 set

. Coiling Details Specification:

l Length Countertop:

2 pulleys can be used for length counting.

Top one push wire tightly when wire moves through the counter-top.

An come across is attached to the lower keeping track of pulley for counting length.

Each 2 pulleys are created from aluminium alloy, and covered with ceramic.

Both pulleys come with a 1 way clutch system to stop the wire being

driven again.

Accuracy of dimension: ±3/1000.

l Coiling Brain:

Horizontal coiling wire from an extrusion collection or from a repay

wire giving range.

Immediately getting downward And raising up with a pneumatic pusher.

Once the pre-establish span is achieved, the machine will stop coiling,

and also the coiling go will deal up and down and raise up without hurting coil.

How big coiling mind is made and fixed as buyer’s demand.

You will need to change anothe if you want to change the I.D of your coilr

dimensions of coiling head.

l Traverse:

A computerized technique is utilized in the traversing system.

Golf ball attach traverse is motivated with a 400W servo motor unit Servo motorist. A precise encoder delivers the coiling indicate from coiling engine to

servo motor unit to have a ideal synchronization in traversing pitch using that of coiling go.

l Cutter:

Entrance sort cutter will eliminate wire automatically if the pre-set duration is attained after the coiling mind has total quit.

A pneumatic tube brings increase reducing blade.

Cutter substance: High quality SKD11 metallic with heat treatment.

l 4 arms provider: ( Optionally available )

Following finishing coiling a coil, the 4 arm providers will hold the coil snugly

and transfer the coil Wrapping machine. It is possible to adjust the robot

Following the coil continues to be moved out, the wire providing rod sends wire to

coiling segment for ongoing coiling quickly.

l User Interface:

A male coil wrapping machine graphical user interface (M.M.I) is used for procedure.

By touching the screen, you can easy to control and use this machine.

Insight those items of cableHeight and diameter, start level, complete length …etc on screen, then hit save to make a new coiling variety.

Capacity of coiling kinds: 100 varieties.

The PLC handle method regulates recent velocity, present span, alarm system, range

pace modifying, length counter-top, coil totalizer, jogging showing light, pause

button and emergency quit.

l Engines:

1. Coiling program: 7.5 HP AC Engine 7.5 Hewlett packard Inverter.

2. Traversing system: 400 servo engine servo driver

Wrapping Details Specifications:

l C-Engagement ring:

Two plastic material roller transmits C-band straight to cover coils.

C-engagement ring is not going to move when turning. It does perfect coil wrapping machinemotion with out disturbance.

C-ringis created from specific stainlesss steel. Inside and outer rollers are coated with PU robber

and the hardness is 97 education. The C-band is propped up by these rollers to do

outstanding wrapping. C-ring will not be wore out, so it can be used for a really

very long time.

If any short circuit occurred,the motor of C-ring will not break down easily, we install the overload protecting device in the circuit. C-ring are capable of doing accurately positioning by our new placement method.

l AUTO Brand FEEDER (Additional Product):

Intelligent tag feeder will put one piece of your product or service label for each and every coil

while begin wrapping. No need for guy labour to do this function. Wrapping procedure

become a little more more and convenient safe.


wrapping material can be used ). The well-defined cutter slashes PVC, PP, PE film stitched music band, along with other papers wrapping material.

l Pneumatic coil wrapping material holder:

You can easily change/install a wrapping material coil by turning the pneumatic

wrapping material holder. No necessity of attach to lock it on the holder.

Much more convenient to alter a new one when wrapping film can be used up.

Stretch and packaging for Heating Shrink Wrapping machine

Total Automatic Warmth orbital Wrapping Machine for big fabric

Ideal Variety:

Product film orbital wrapping Temperature getting smaller – Whole intelligent

Be applied for multiple-row or solitary-row packaging of purified drinking water, zip-top rated can, alcohol, pharmaceutical, infusion package etc. Or may be directly employed for cartons of all sizes. Efficiency is dependable and production is great. Following packaging, product is great, compact, and beautiful.

Contacting immediately with manufacturing range.

shrink wrapping machine for big size product

A.total auto

B.good appearance

C.very low ingestion

D.particularly for large dimension fabric

Whole Intelligent stretch film packaging machine

pplying shipped in PLC, that may management the machine immediately, with dependable performance, accurate management. Together with the potential of sorting and feeding cooling, bottles and shrinking shaping automatically. inductive move manage the giving of film, that may management the length of film minimizing the intake. Shipped in tranducer control to the show electric motor, which may can realize stepless velocity reguation.

1. Invert pace control.

2. Container entering, Automobile unscrambling package, Pushing package, Heating securing-Saw decreasing, PushingPE and Shrink, Chilling.

3. This machine is applicable atmosphere-mixing device in forcing container and warm closing-cool slicing. It uses smooth silk pulse seal off, the discovered teeth blade cuts, The unique heat seal-cool lower device, has confirmed the packing agglutination, dependable, and imaginative.

4. Auto unscrambling bottle’s appliance makes bottle shifting much more quickly and conveniently.

5. Supplying film system and the tensity voluntarily adjusts.

6. PLC programmable procedure manage method.

7. Double air blowers, warranties the temperatures balance inside the shrink cooker with PAD temp controller, that obviously will save you power.

8. It applies wing shape stainless steel heating system, that is tough for long time use.

9. The heatproof Bolivian filament specific fluorine dragon travelling web buckle is commonly used in shrink part to be sure the stable of travelling and high enhance use confirmation.

10. This machine applies invert pace handle world wide web buckle conveying system.

11. The elevation from the conveyer will be made towards client’s demand.

12. According to client’s deman the direction of bottle entering can be adjustedd

13, according customer ask for, could make the stainless-steel belt inside of the shrink tunnel and orbital stretch wrapper instead of plastic-type material buckle.

Robotic Palletizer and stretch wrapping machine


Auto palletizing robot

Box, can and bag bottle palletizing

Around 4 pallets at the same time

As much as 1500 Routine/hr

Automatic Palletizer provides creation amount sup to 15 periods a minute. Here is the handiest automatic palletizer in the school. Consuming only 2.3 KVA, it offers by far the most affordable alternatives when meeting average creation needs. 3E Automation gives turn important palletizing process including auto pallet giving, product coping with, palletizing and stretch hooding.

1.for rewinding tapes,pieces of paper,film and many others.

2.optimum. rewinding dia.: 300mm.

3.max. dia. of fabric: 1350mm

4.slitting pace: 100m/minutes


Appropriate for the rewinding of several time frame resources ,such as tapes,pieces of paper,film and defensive film and so forth.


(1) two-step span placing,accuracy winding span.

(2)Implement pneumatic paper pipe layout,paper tubing securely, loading and unloading simple ,quick,high


(3)Pneumatic silicone pulley,ensure that the premium quality of rewinding components,straightforward operation.

(4)Inverter factor velocity,smooth functioning.

(5)Automatic gauge lengthy,automated braking system ceases.

(6)Center area rewinding of inflatable shaft,with unilateral discharge composition ,rewinding

anxiety manage,simple adjustment.

The Guarantee Period of time for that deal equipment shall be twelve months from the next day following the stop of commissioning. In case the supplied tools are located being defective due to defective materials or skillfullness throughout the Warrantee Period of time, the Seller shall, at their own expenses, rectify or substitute defected area of the equipment,the transport payment to the change parts in the Seller’s manufacturer for the buyer’s nation will probably be borne by the owner, the transportation charge for the substituted components through the buyer’s nation for the Seller’s region will be the consumer. Wearing parts and damages as a result of inappropriate operations usually are not included in the Warrantee scale.

he machine continues to be intended for no plate, no cardboard case, packing with low priced within the procedures, it really is commonly used in meals, beverage, chemical and office sectors.

Performance and Characteristics of packaging material

ilm a lot more clearance , a lot more stretch , as you would like , we could do

Performance and Characteristics:

This device uses LLDPE as major substance and adopts many sorts of resins to produce the only/twice-aspect self-tacky stretch wrapping film. The film has good tensile strength,contra–pricking potential and impact durability. Its good diminishing memory function and self-tacky could make items dependability in order to avoid items from loosening and collapsing in the course of travelling and being dirty by dust. The visibility and tensile energy on this product or service can make the packaging practical, beautiful and economical. The film may be widely used in wrapping of palletized goods. It?ˉs an excellent alternative to hot diminishing packaging film during travelling.


Size of Attach Come



Significant size rate of screw Originate(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

Rationl pace of attach come



Collapsable Thickness of Products






Main motor potential



Heating system Power



Machine body weight



All round Sizes (L*W*H)



Product Outline:

Blissun provide you with the WSP-B range auto film shrink packing machinery( sleeve wrapper Shrinker ) is suitable for wrapping items for example put-etc, bottles and cans with base-plate or without underside-dish, utilizing PE-film shrink tunnel

These are typically Great-effective Shrink Wrapping machine, Automatic Shrink Wrapping machine can pack Glass container, Family pet jar, cooking pot-top rated cans with film. The capacity is 25-90packs/m.

—Packing structure:

A. Film only;

B. Film plate;

C. Film mat.


-Container infeed conveyor: Transferring the products into jar breaking up portion.

-Bottle separating: Separating products into scheduled features.

-Carboard promoting: Carboard grasped by sucker and moved to synchronous conveying segment.

-Foldable process: Carboard folded and stuck by hot-burn gluer.

-Synchronous conveying process: products and Tray transferred into film shrinking segment.

-Film wrapping program: Wrapping the products with film.

-Heating shrink tunnel: Under the function of thermal current, film shrunk by heating and near products securely.

—Functioning Principle:

-Done cases in give in the conveyor which conveys them to the pusher area, then a pusher pushes the cases for the conveyor board.

-In the event the situations must swivel 90° , the way it is rotation device rotates the situations 90° If the circumstances achieve the curler conveyor collection.

-The pusher drives the cases towards the conveyor table by using the car control countertop and photoelectric indicator, the instances is set orderly in a layer, they are presented on the pallet.

-The board storage space gadget which stores the pallets (dish) can shift the pallets on the palletizing station. You will find a waiting pallet in front of the palletizing journal, it goes towards the palletizing journal combined with the full pallet following the full pallet is released from your conveyor. This piece of equipment is using high speed, there are two complete pallet storage stations on the conveyor.

Substantial capacity ,high quality and best value .

Characteristics and Performance of packaging material

ilm more clearance , more stretch , as you wish , we can do

Performance and Characteristics:

This unit makes use of LLDPE as main substance and adopts many types of resins to manufacture the only/dual-side self-tacky stretch wrapping film. The film has good tensile strength,contra –pricking potential and influence durability. Its very good diminishing storage function and self-tacky can make products integrity to prevent goods from loosening and collapsing throughout travelling and becoming dirty by airborne dirt and dust. The openness and tensile energy of the item will make the packaging economical, practical and beautiful. The film might be commonly used in wrapping of palletized goods. It?ˉs an excellent alternative to very hot diminishing packaging film during transportation.


Size of Screw Originate



Significant size proportion of screw Stem(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

30: 1(L/D)

Rationl rate of screw stem



Foldable Size of items






Major engine potential



Heating system Strength



Machine bodyweight



Total Proportions (L*W*H)



Item Information:

Blissun provide you with the WSP-B range auto film shrink packing machines( sleeve wrapper Shrinker ) is suitable for wrapping goods for example pop-cans, etc and bottles with bottom-holder or without base-plate, utilizing PE-film shrink tunnel

These are generally Higher-productive Shrink Wrapping machine, Auto Shrink Wrapping machine can pack Glass jar, PET bottle, pot-best cans with film. The capability is 25-90packs/m.

—Packing format:

A. Film only;

B. Film tray;

C. Film pad.


-Container infeed conveyor: Transporting the products into jar isolating area.

-Bottle separating: Breaking up merchandise into appointed features.

-Carboard promoting: Carboard grasped by sucker and moved to synchronous conveying portion.

-Folding program: Carboard folded and stuck by very hot-burn gluer.

-Synchronous promoting method: Tray and products transmitted into film shrinking segment.

-Film wrapping method: Wrapping the merchandise with film.

-Heat shrink tunnel: Beneath the purpose of energy current, film shrunk by temperature and in close proximity to goods strongly.

—Functioning Basic principle:

-Completed circumstances in supply in the conveyor which communicates those to the pusher area, then this pusher drives the situations to the conveyor table.

-When the circumstances have to rotate 90° , the case rotation gadget rotates the situations 90° As soon as the instances reach the roller conveyor range.

-The pusher forces the cases towards the conveyor table with the aid of the auto management countertop and photoelectric detector, the cases is lay orderly in one covering, they then are presented towards the pallet.

-The table storing device which stores the pallets (tray) can shift the pallets towards the palletizing station. You will discover a holding out pallet before the palletizing newspaper, it goes towards the palletizing newspaper along with the complete pallet after the whole pallet is discharged through the conveyor. This gadget is with high speed, there are 2 full pallet storing stations on the conveyor.

Substantial potential ,high quality and finest price .

Intelligent stretch wrapper machine and specification data

1.Twice engine, double Panasonic transducer and PLC controller,flexible handbag span environment and slicing,saving time and film.

2.Individual-machine convenient, quick and interface parameter settings.

3.Personal diagnosis breakdown operate, failure exhibited plainly.

4.High vulnerable eye electrical colour symbol checking method and computerized input cut position, which will make the securing and decreasing better.

5.Split up PID manage program for temperatures, suitable for different packing components.

6.Preventing the machine in determined situation, no attaching on the knife with no waste materials in the film.

7.Basic driving method, trustworthy doing work, hassle-free servicing.

8.All controled by software, practical for functionality altering and upgrading.


Relate to the packing of various kinds of goods with normal condition in many businesses,like food items,computer hardware,medical goods,daily use merchandise,stationary,toys,hotel materials,electronic digital merchandise etc.

Optinal additonal device:

1: Day coder

2: Intelligent Punching Product

3: Full Stainless

4: Touchscreen

5: air satisfying product

6: Launch the atmosphere

7: Gusset system

8: No unfilled travelling bag operate

9: Tailored securing notch and patterns

10: Automatic feeder

circulation packing machine

Specialized Parameter



Film breadth


Case length


Travelling bag size


Item level

Optimum. 65mm

Film roll diameter

Optimum. 320mm

Packaging amount




Machine sizing


Machine good quality



Auto stretch wrapper machine

1.High speed(ajustable)

2.Could be tailor made

3.International Spares

4.For details, remember to e mail us

Automatic stretch wrapper machine :

It the type of high-speed shrink skilled device developped by ourselves. Lately, it adopts intalian technologies to create programs in medication, beauty products, stationeries, auto extras and meals to create the complete saled outer package deal on their behalf. It really is a high effective packing devices, the development level can reach 30-40packs per minute to correspond with the industrial production collections.

plastic material film stretch Wrapping machine

It really is a entirely automated L sealer,popular in pipelining benefit big number package with high work efficiency,mounted with pin golf hole system,adaptable film serving process and adjustable conveying table,meets diverse demands for many different items and it has a kissing device for packing the little products.

1.Adopts heat proof alloy cutter coated Teflon,contributes to good securing ,with out melting the film and any light up toxins.

2.Assembles one horizontal and another erect sensor to the front door towards the sealer you can actually switch over ,even for some slim items,also, it is easy to pack them.

3.The size of film providing,managed by wonder eye and countertop,also repairs an inductive engine for accumulating wasted film automatically.

4.When pack various sizes of items ,it is very easy to change,will not need to to switch any molds or any handbag creating gadget.

5.To pack various scale of merchandise together for product sales campaign effect.

6.Adopts OMRON digital heat controller with PID work,closing temp is extremely sensititive and exact,can established heat optionally ,the cutter alone carries a defensive functionality,prevent from problems these products.

7.The machine repairs an organic safty glass deal with,with alarm system operate,so the proprietor remains safe and secure.

8.The machine might be associated with the development collection, which can be no require further operators.

automated stretch wrapper

reel radial stretch wrapper

Machine release:

W Range Reel Wrapper is actually a machine made for packing moves of non-weaved textiles And fabric, pieces of paper , film and similar components made in reels .It is fantastic for radial wrapping individual roll or many rolls in spiral manner. Complete Humidity And Dust particles resistant packing can be accomplished by appropriate finish hats and guards these products.


Omron PLC management method, HMI (Individual Machine Interfaces) simple to function

Photoeye car sensing product breadth

Cover occasions might be predetermined

Film carriage speed and rollers rotation pace different adaptable by consistency changer

Each finish pneumatic tube to suit various roll breadth

Film Tension Handle realignment in the solar panel

Routine pause capacity

Security force-move emergency end button

Film carriage:

Powered pre-stretch system as much as 200Percent to minutes film consumption ( Prestretch ratio could be specifically created based your needs.

Film delivery service factor velocity by independent DC Push Motor unit

Film dancer-pub with factor rate result


Pneumatocyst Reel Ejection program

Pneumatic leading plate

plastic material film stretch Wrapper

plastic material film stretch Wrapper

This machine adopts the high temperature securing principle to close off the PVC for bed , pillow and such substance . It provides switching operating desk . So, you can turn 90??,180??,or 270?? to seal the different sides of mattress .Conveninent opertation and superior sealing mark . Following packing by this packingAnd securing machine , the mattress look more beautifull .

1.Closing plastic-type effectively to avoid leaking .

2.Producing plastic material travelling bag with high productivity .

3.Employing bed mattress typical packing .

4. Excellent affect opposition

5. Best for packaging performance

6. Traditional surply

7. Packing : Packing in solid wood or plastic material packing (or with respect the cilents requirement)

8. Shipping and delivery : Really is 20-30days(but with respect the specifics )

9. Model value : EXW/CIF/FOB guangzhou or shenzhen

10. Payment : L/C,T/T 30Per cent down payment, blance from of your backup of B/L documents .

personal-propelled robot stretch wrapper


Pallet wrapping machine may be the packer,which wraps up the packing machine with the accommodating packaging supplies.The well known wrapping machine merchandise presently available on the market are pallet wrapping models, no pallet wrapping devices, pre-anxiety wrapping machine.


Pallet wrapping machine is popular in apparel,refreshment,textiles, chemical, electriol, medical, machinery and commodity electronic digital industry, constructing components, appliances for the home, papermaking, foodstuff and so on


1. Appropriate for hefty pallet, Delicate begin/quit, PLC management, residence placement, sensor check pallet level

2.The machine adopt transducer and PLC managing and may layout the wrapping way and times.

3. It has the limitative place of journey dealing with or photoelectricity explorer and find out the freight elevation immediately

4. The platter swithces automatically to make the orientation of turn over of holder genuinely

5. The film amount of tugging is 25Per cent

6.Computerized manage circuit capabilities maximun stablity,long services lifestyle and minimun.

7.Gradual start and stop operate successful prevents leading package deal froming dropping.

8.Leading and bottom deal might be set up simply by entering dated.

pre-stretch carriage, pre-stretch price of wrapping machine

Implementing Automated common sense management trustworthy in performance, practical in operation.

2. With pre-stretch carriage, pre-stretch level approximately 300Percent, film financial savings.

3. The top lacquer utilized because the automobile,sophisticated look.

4. The colour and also other requment coule be happy,including the Video clip process,excess weight or label print method …..

5. Most significant Premium quality and finest support will probably be presented.


Machine measurements(L*W*H)1200mm*600mm*950mm

Energy 220V (other potential can change as needed)

Turntable-36 RPM

Applied movie500mm breadth,?ü0.035 thicknness

Machine bodyweight180kg

fill potential100kg

Wrapping dimensions(250-1200)*(200-500)*(250-1000)


Specific stylesure

Major parts for stretch film wrapping machine










Proximity Switches(2 item)



Restriction move (2 piece)



Turntable motor reducer



Film carriage engine reducer



Film force engine



automated pallet stretch wrapper

top rated film dispenser

automatic film clamp, use And reduce

handheld control

20-30 pallets/60 minutes

Product or service Brand: MP207CR Intelligent PALLET WRAPEPR WITH Leading FOIL APPLICATOR Far off Handled

Key Phrases: Intelligent Pallet Wrapper, Auto Top rated Page Dispenser, pallet stretch wrapper, pallet wrapping machine, top rated dispenser, top rated foil applicator, film wrapping machine

Item Release:

MP207CR Automated PALLET WRAPEPR WITH TOP FOIL APPLICATOR REMOTE Operated is fitted with automatic film implement/cut device, top rated page dispensing system and handheld remote control system. An owner will be able to stop and start the machine to attain wrapping or wrapping with within the pallets leading although operating a forklift. MP207CR is good machine for excellent stretch wrapping.

Product or service Specifications:

Turntable Diameter: 1650mm,recommended 1800mm

Wrapping Level: 2100mm, optionally available 2400mm,2600mm

Reloading Bodyweight: 2000kg

Packing Pace: 20-30 pallet /60 minutes

Turntable Speed: -15rpm, velocity adjustable, turntable gentle commence And smooth cease

Turntable Level: 136mm

Atmosphere Strain: .4-.7Mpa

Leading Dispensing Device Lifting Speed: 3m/min

Top Sheet Pulling Rate: 12m/min

Leading Page Sizing: Width 1700mm, Length adjustable

Cut Approach: heaters

Carriage Pace: 3m/min

Control: PLC

Working Function: automatic remote control

Energy: 3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz, 20A, 3kw

Machine Proportions: 2960 x 2625 x 3100

Machine Weight: 1500kg