coil packing machine is in excess of


20 x 2000 slitting collection for slitting metallic coils of optimum 20mm max and thickness 2000mm thickness.

20 x2000 slitting line for slitting metal coils of max 20mm thickness and max 2000mm thickness

Coil substance: carbon metallic Q235, Q345

Coil thickness: 1000-2000mm

Coil thickness: 5-20mm

Coil Identification: , 760mm610mm and 508mm

Coil OD: 2000mm

Coil body weight: maximum 40T

Slitting collection approach orbital stretch wrapper:

Coil loading vehicle, twice mandrel decoiler, coil head guideline push-straight down and shovel, double curler serving and several roller progressing, central aligning, coil stop cutter, transmission roll table, side manual, disc shearing machine, scrapaccumulator and collector, pre-separator, tensioner, gauging roller, separator recoiler, coils discharging car, hydraulic manage, electronic management

Description of every model:

Coil loading vehicle

4KW cycloid electric motor, φ250 x 700 hydraulic tube

About three phase, twice mandrel decoiler

φ460-508mm, 560-610mm, 710-760mm

The actual size of coil benefit baffle: Φ2000×40mm

Twice curler feeding and several curler flattener

worm wheel and rod, two engines for urgent straight down: 2.2kw

pinch serving and questing engine: AC45kw

Aspect guideline:

two pairs aspect guideline rollers: Φ200×250mm

Disc shearing machine

max shearing amount: 6-7mm size 12strips, 8-10mm size 8 pieces, 11-12mm 6 pieces, 14mm 5strips, 16mm 4strips, 20mm 3 strips.

disc shearing shaft: φ360 x40Cr and 2100, HRC52°~55°

Disc cutter: D600 x d360 byT50mm and 6CrW2Si, HRC 54-56

Electric motor: 200KW motor unit.

Slitting speed: 30m/minutes optimum stepless adapt


Recoiling block: φ760 x 2100

coils push shaft: φ200 x 2100

Recoiling engine: 250KW

Hydraulic tube for assistance coils: φ125×500mm

Hydraulic tube for coils forcing out: Φ80×1700mm

Pieces splitting discs: D250 x d110 by T10/20mm, 65Mn.


Deposit: 30% of overall amount to make deal powerful;the remainder to become paid at the time of delivery

Warranty time:

12 months soon after commissioning with the exception of the malfunctions’ faults manufactured by customer.

Delivery, Installation & Commissioning

Supply foundation attracting inside a 30 days after agreement validation; shipping time: 120 days; Set up And commissioning: 30 days

If customer needs us to send engineers to his factory, usually we send three engineers.

Before our engineers go to his factory, customer should get installation conditions ready.

Client should have oxygen food, tickets and accommodation and also local travelling of the designers, and pay each engineer 50usd/time for his or her operate.

Stretch wrapping Equipment is definitely the most significant equipment

Symbol Stretch wrapping Equipment will be the largest maker of capping and filling models in Australia, and creates models competent at satisfying numerous types of containers and products. Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment can serve all of your capping, sealing, packaging and filling collection demands.

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment specialises inside the layout and output of machines for examplefillers and cappers, limit sorters, container unscramblers and bottle hoppers.

Gravity fillers, non-make contact with fillers, piston fillers and bath tub fillers

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment can manufacture or immediately source fillers for those applications. We offer a selection of filling devices which range from gravity air, piston and pressure sensor fillers through to bag fillers and tri-bloc (rinser / filler / capper) mixtures.

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment will either engineer your system to meet your specific production requirements. Alternatively, advise you of the machine which is best suited to your application.

Oxygen purification methods and protecting

The HEPA oxygen filtration system blows filtered air in the filler-guarding housing and repels any air-borne contaminants which is often current outside of the protecting housing. The system is ideal when an extended life expectancy is desired.

Machine protecting is important to ensure the security of your own workers as well as your product. Symbol Stretch wrapping Equipment can create a complete machine-fitted guarding detailed with hinged doors. The crystal clear Lexan panels are installed inside stainless-metallic picture frames, and fixed sections and completely interlocked entrance doors are added for defense, with wires for the filler control package.

CIP auto and components CIP factors

An incorporated plumbing column complete with solid stainless-stainlesss steel 316 piping is provided for cleaning from the filler product spray and piping tube, with turbo squirt rotor for cleaning of the filler pan.

The CIP diamond ring is designed by two segments and constructed from 304 stainless-metal with manual shut-away valves offered. The ring is mounted on the pedestals and connected to the client’s CIP piping by the operator before cleaning. This system is suitable for usage jointly with current in-grow cleaning up stretch wrapping Equipment.

Car CIP factors could be requested with any filling machine obtainable in the Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment range. Icon car CIP enables the machine proprietor to flush or sanitise the machine on the force of the mouse.

Capping products ¨C quick-alter capping chucks and select-n-spot capping

Symbol Stretch wrapping Equipment provides capping products showcasing swift-alter capping chucks that put overall flexibility in changing limit containers and size. Snap caps, snap-attach and screw caps can be manage on the very same machine. Quick-alter capping chucks also enable capping of Family pet, HDPE or glass containers on the very same station, when instrument-significantly less alter elements make changeover easy and quick. A throat help capper (NSC) that works with the bottle’s neck area shoulder joint during the limit software is likewise available, that provides more control when capping light-weight PET bottles.

We offer you warmth seal off, ROPP, crown close off, select-n-place and corking capping choices. These cappers might be integrated on the filler or stand-on your own sort design to suit your particular specifications.

Foil warmth-securing cappers and foil presses

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment’s foil temperature-securing capper has got the following capabilities:

Personal mind tension management

PLC operated

No cover or seal off

Personal temperature control and monitoring

Warmth options for many different containers are programmed into machine memory space

Modular design for fast upkeep changeovers

Might be old style-equipped to most filling up equipment

Symbol Stretch wrapping Equipment’s foil capping press would work for moderate to high-speed programs. This equipment is incorporated with the filler make it possible for immediate control and drive. Stand alone bases may be provided according to your expectations.

Cover sorting products, cover escalator and cap blower

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment offers various cap selecting and limit giving systems to match the numerous and at any time-changing cap sizes and types available in today’s marketplace.

There are various working products which have the capacity to sort flat, snap and sport caps in measurements starting from 24mm to 90mm and also oval hats of varied application and sizes methods.

Icon Stretch wrapping Equipment provides cover sorters, volume hoppers, elevators, pre-feeders and cover blowers.

Most slit coil packing line is located

Slit mults can be moved to the get out of turnstile

by coil transfer cars, Automatic Guided Vehicles

(AGV). Alternatively, an overhead crane with a C-hook.

Pictures of several kinds of coil cars are beneath.

Most slit coil packaging lines are positioned directly

following the get out of turnstile of your slitting series they

support. Coil cars shift coils to your turnstile which

stores approximately four groups of slit coils. Coils might be

loaded or taken away from a C-catch, coil car or


Most slit coil packaging line is located immediately

right after the exit turnstile in the slitting line they

service. Coil vehicles shift coils to your turnstile which

stores around 4 groups of slit coils. Coils could be

packed or taken out from a C-catch, coil vehicle or


Non-ferrous coils wrapped in plastic film

If you want to take care of no-ferrous coils or other

supplies with delicate corners, Bushman~AvonTec

can help you.

Non-ferrous product packaging utilizes management equipment

that is PLC centered with automation made to be

easy to use. Complete slit mult keeping track of

techniques are available for low-ferrous wrapping

and can include interfaces towards the slitter and to retail outlet

creation/supply handle systems.

A spacer placer quickly places 3 or 4

wooden spacer prevents radially on the top of a slit coil

so that another coil can be placed on top. This

allows several slit coils to become manufactured with each other

on one pallet without getting destroyed. Coils

can then be easily un-packaged and handled at

the very last spot.

Coil packing lines with low throughput typically

get handbook coil stackers to get economical. Cost-free

standing upright jib cranes installed using a coil Identification lifter are

commonly used to elevate the eye banded coil and

place it on the pallet.


High throughput packaging outlines use auto

sorting and stacking to improve output and

reduce labor demands. Automated stacking and

working might be supplied utilizing a sortation kitchen table

with a number of stacking roles or even a shuttle vehicle


A automated common sense about coil stacker in coil packing line

Once the coils are strapped, they should be loaded on the skid for delivery. One method for stacking coils is a guidebook Identification coil grab by using a monorail electronic hoist system. The ID coil grab, stopped from a power hoist, exchanges coils from your conveyor to skids arranged on the ground within the monorail.

Coil Stacking

Following the coils are strapped, they should be piled over a skid for shipment. One strategy for stacking coils can be a guidebook ID coil pick up having a monorail electronic hoist system (see Figure 4). The ID coil grab, suspended from a power hoist, transfers coils from the conveyor onto skids organized on to the ground within the monorail.

It usually is appropriate for relatively low¨Cquantity slit coil packaging needs. Care should be considered when selecting narrow¨Cwidth coils and when seeking to carry a freely wound coil with the ID only, although This method requires additional radial straps to be applied to large¨Cdiameter coils, slowing the packaging process.

Yet another coil stacking technique is the ID¨COD automatic wagon stacker (see Body 5), a device that instantly transports coils from the conveyor to the skid. The coil pick up, fitted inside a vacationing wagon, secures the coil from the ID and also the OD, so large¨Cdiameter, loosely injury coils can be dealt with safely with 3 or 4 bands.

One coil stacking method is the Identification-OD automated wagon stacker, a product that immediately transports coils through the conveyor on the skid. The coil grab, mounted within a touring wagon, secures the coil from the ID along with the OD, so big-size, loosely wound coils might be taken care of safely and securely with three or four straps.

A programmable reasoning manage runs the stacker using a cycle that decreases the coil grab to protect the coil, lifts the coil off of the conveyor, movements the wagon to a stacking positions, station and releases the coil on a skid or perhaps a coil stack, and earnings the wagon to get the following coil. The coil-to-coil stacking period takes about 40 to 45 moments.

Eliminating travel time for each coil, the stacker can be equipped with a coil-counter control that allows the ID-OD coil grab to assemble and collect multiple narrow coils before the stacker wagon travels to the stacking station.

Still another stacking option is an automatic turret stacker (see Figure 6), which may manage two slit coils at any given time. It has two coil grabs instead of one. The turret stacker selections a coil from the conveyor while the opposing coil pick up is putting a coil on the stack, even though Similar to the wagon stacker, a turret stacker uses an ID-OD coil grab with a fully operatorless automatic cycle. The turret stacker then rotates 180 degrees and repeats the multitask treatment.

Slit coil packing line is advanced effective system

Slit Coil Handling

The following element in the product packaging line is the downender, a factor that retrieves individual slit coils in the turnstile left arm and locations them eye¨Caxis¨Cvertical on a conveyor.

Downenders can be found in two unique types:

1. Pusher. The pusher downender utilizes a turnstile¨Cmounted coil pushoff to shove personal slit coils from your turnstile arm onto the downender arbor. After a coil is pressed on the downender arbor, it can be tipped 90 diplomas, located on a conveyor, and released. A full¨Ctime attendant usually works this downender utilizing drive buttons.

2. Automated. Rather than forcing the coil through the turnstile into the downender, a automated downender (see Body 2) moves towards the coil around the turnstile, raises it well the turnstile arm, holds it away from the turnstile, then recommendations the coil on the conveyor.

This downender is totally automatic; however, an attendant is required to plan coil measurements to the control. No turnstile pushers are essential, decreasing the chance of harm to the interior wraps.

Slit coils are sophisticated from the staging conveyor on to a strapping machine, a product that swiftly is applicable radial bands to the coil. In combination, conveyor moves and conical coil rotation moves place the coil beneath a operated strapping brain. As soon as the coil is located, the strapping mind is decreased to the coil and a radial band is applied.

Coil Strapping packing line

A conveyor ought to be for long enough to stage at the very least two complete-dimension coils between your downender and also the strapping machine to lower interruptions within the pattern. Far more conveyor is better than significantly less. The conveyor should be powered independently in 6- to 7-feet parts with totally automatic coil-advancing electric manages.

Slit coils are sophisticated in the staging conveyor on to a strapping machine (see Physique 3), a device that rapidly is applicable radial straps on the coil. In combo, conveyor moves and conical coil rotation moves situation the coil within operated strapping mind. After the coil is placed, the strapping brain is minimized into the coil plus a radial straps is applied.

Strapping equipment could be either semiautomatic or totally intelligent. With the semiautomatic sort, the proprietor uses drive switches to situation the coil in the desk, implement the radial strapping, and discharge the coil. The completely intelligent sort achieves the identical with an electrical control.

Semiautomatic strapping models normally are faster than fully auto strapping models and enable the attendant to put the strapping on the ID coil position and tail coil spacer sticks. Fully automatic strapping machines do not require an attendant if spacer sticks are not required in the coil package.

Steel coil packaging line styles and companies

While it is typical knowledge that slit coil packaging and handling typically restrict the output of even the most present day, high¨Cspeed coil slitting collection, coil cpus typically spend inadequate time looking at the strength of these functions.

By allowing coil tails to be taped or banded while the slitter is running, a turret recoiler with two rewind drums and two overarm separators mounted on a 180-degree rotating base can save time.

Today slit coil product packaging techniques are for sale to almost every operations, creation stage, floor space limitations, and price range.

Where by does the slitting method end and the coil packaging line begin? As an alternative to at the turnstile or coil downender, perhaps it starts with the get out of finish of the slitting line.

Coil Tail Banding packing line

The 1st creation bottleneck is taping or banding the slit coil tails, so this method has to be sped up for effective coil packaging.

A shear installed at the exit end of the slitting line can save time when all coil tails are cut in a straight line across the coil by eliminating the time wasted jogging the recoiler to position individual coil tails. A recoiler-mounted tail hold-lower equipment can save additional time by tightening and containing every single coil tail, creating OD taping and bandingeasier and quicker, and less hazardous.

A turret recoiler (see Shape 1) with two rewind drums as well as two overarm separators installed on a 180-diploma rotating foundation allows coil tails to be taped or banded while the slitter is operating. Furthermore, using a turret recoiler, filler dish adjustments, drum alterations, and drum servicing they all are done offline although manufacturing proceeds. Utilizing a coil auto to exchange slit coils in the recoiler drum towards the turnstile left arm might be more efficient for the reason that coil Identification tail is not going to tangle.

Rather than driving the coil from your turnstile onto the downender, a programmable downender moves on the coil around the turnstile, lifts them back the turnstile arm, holds it from the turnstile, after which ideas the coil into the conveyor.

Despite the fact that an get out of shear, tail keep-straight down, turret recoiler, and coil unloading automobile generally are certainly not deemed areas of a coil product packaging system, these components will have a good affect on coil packaging effectiveness.

Steel coil packaging line designs and manufactures

materials stress levelling collections for metal strip equally to Going Mills and Service Facilities. Metallic strips (carbon dioxide steel, stainless, aluminium and also other low ferrous resources) are processed within a density range from .08 to 6.5 millimeters, width as much as 2,500 speed and mm as much as 600 m/minutes.
Coil packing line target would be to suggest its consumers with specialized solutions specific with their resources, needs and goals. For this we can choose among a wide variety of Solutions for each line functionality, in order to reach a combination that results in optimum yield of the investment, high quality products, low breakdown rates, ease of maintenance and most of all a safe and ergonomic operation.

Primary great things about SALICO anxiety levelling facial lines:

Secure and ergonomic operation, even for the thickest and hardest components.

High productivity of collection by means of reducing down occasions by automatic sequences for spools change, mandrel transform, side trimmer create, auto strip giving systems, and so forth.

Higher capacity levellers of sturdy design and style, coupled with very own elongation and drives control sets of rules with sealed loop operations causing maximum strip flatness at get out of aspect.

Various preparations of levellers with solitary or dual levelling stand and solitary or dual decurving stand up, based on the strip factors.

Specialized solutions for cleaning from the function moves, decurving moves and bridle rolls.

Extremely stable and precise charge of elongation.

Conjunction with washing and degreasing segments result in optimum flatness and cleanliness as extra ideals.

Incorporation of auxiliary characteristics like our personal stitchers or our very own embossing systems.

Various likelihood of push of the bridle rolls just like all electric powered or hybrid solutions as well as pure extending alternatives for several aluminium alloys.

Probability of conjunction with Reduce to Span or slitting portions on get out of area.

Steel coil packaging line styles and manufactures

This totally free-ranging, custom-designed coil mounter

goes easily throughout a vegetation. It blends the

advantages of fork coil, trucks and upenders autos to

take full advantage of output. Like rail-installed autos, these

units are made to handle a wide range of sizes and

weight loads. Provided by 12- or 24-voltage DC motors,

this steerable, go walking-coupled coil mounter deals with stainlesss steel

and wire coils in addition to rolled goods like document or

plastic-type material.

Specifically created lifter facilitates fast and

risk-free position of any slit coil on the mandrel

of an un-coiler.

? It automatically adapts to various

coil diameters.

? The entire duration manage makes it much simpler

to move the lifter.

? Faster and safer than utilizing a

typical C-connect.

Is your product packaging collection choking your slitting series?

Steel coil packaging line styles and producers a complete array of slit coil wrapping methods to operate in association

with special and standard program slitting facial lines. These solutions can be purchased in cost-effective, personally

operated styles or maybe in sophisticated, automatic, PC-managed high creation solutions created to

satisfy almost any grow structure.

Benefits of Bushman AvonTec coil wrapping systems:

? Increase material flow and revenue

? Decrease item problems

? Reduce maintenance costs and downtime

? Decrease work fees

? Increase profits

Essential procedures to prepare processed goods for shipping could include the next surgical procedures which can be personally or immediately accomplished:


Advantage security.

App or serving of dunnage, pallets or leading lids.

Person strapping of solitary slits, with stainlesss steel or Dog straps.

Strapping of full package of slits or package of bedding, with metallic or Animal strap.

Plastic-type and / or pieces of paper wrapping.


For every app, shipping setting or calls for by last buyers you can find numerous different wrapping Remedies in the products, which can result in distinct coil packing machine equipment selection and arrangement. Additionally available room in bay, material circulation and also other factors will lead to customized alternatives typically.

Coil packing line provides its buyers using its huge expertise in all kind of packing lines, ranging from simple and manual kinds to fully programmed Options, exactly where personal equipment from third parties to perform distinct jobs can be incorporated (strapping devices, considering systems, and so on).