The upender comprises clamping devices for aluminum turning

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1 change vehicle restoration upender machine aspect structure, includes a base, characterized for the reason that: stated basic is attached to the chassis, the chassis installation a drive motor unit, the push motor is associated with a power productivity terminal of the drive transmitting, The production of the transmission strength measure of the ability production shaft is provided, explained power productivity shaft is mounted on both stops of vertical flip horizontal left arm, the upender arm in the go across has two offers aside into the hole inside the area picture frames framework strut, explained strut is installed on along side it framework aside structure strut locking left arm in stated turn part framework strut transverse securing device, two of said area frame is supplied having a part strut framework locking product.

(2) as stated in assert 1, whereby the automobile-part upender fix turn framework, described for the reason that: stated transmission means involves energy of your drive engine is drivingly connected to the gearbox productivity, the output terminal of said strength transmission gearbox attached to a worm equipment travel.

According to claim 2, wherein said upender repair flip side frame, characterized in that, 3, such as a vehicle: said worm equipment and explained transmission products means comprises an electric power result terminal associated with a worm drive, the worm equipment meshes with the worm .

4 as reported in claim 1, in which your vehicle-side upender repair change framework, described because: mentioned area framework strut includes securing means disposed within the part body strut and in between mentioned securing arm turn handwheel.

5 as claimed in assert 2, 3 or 4, whereby the car-aspect flick fix upender structure, characterized in this: mentioned securing means consists of side frame attached to one side body as well as the part structure strut opening related securing attach.

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Vehicle repair change side body upender machine technological innovation

The upender includes clamping devices for copper coil turning

According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, [0033] Compared with the prior art, the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, its simple structure, the stability of flip operation, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0034] The above mentioned sketches, the upender with an outstanding outline of execution of the invention is actually not restricted from the above-defined method, given that the technique of making use of the very idea of the technology and various modifications from the upender, without or with advancement The concept of the upender is immediately applicable for some other upenders and applications, and therefore are from the scope of protection of your creation.

The energy product discloses an auto area framework fixing upender upender. The car side framework fixing upender upender consists of basics, whereby a machine container is installed on the foundation, a driving motor unit is set up in the machine pack and is also linked to a rate-variation gadget within a transmission mode, an electric power output shaft of the pace-variance system is vertically supplied with an overupender transverse left arm, two part body help rods that happen to be established in opposing guidelines are sleeved on the overupender transverse arm, either side frame help rod is supplied with a aspect frame help rod securing device, and side body locking devices are respectively arranged with the inside aspects, in complete opposite directions, from the area structure assistance rods. One side body assist rods are positioned and adjusted, a workpiece is placed about the part body assistance rod and is locked and positioned throughout the part structure sealing devices, the driving motor unit is started and manages the overupender transverse left arm to rotate through the velocity-difference gadget, the overupender transverse left arm pushes along side it framework assist rods to swivel, along side it frame assist rods push the side frame to spin, and the objective of easily and flexibly altering a side framework is accomplished. The car aspect structure fixing upender upender is capable of doing enabling the side body to openly spin at 360 degrees, meets the repairing upender prerequisite, and improves mending upender work and quality efficiency.

The upender makes up clamping products for copper coil turning

[0028] I sequence 2 is mounted on the motor output shaft and also the axis of rotation in the travel tire 3 in between the I productivity for the engine torque is transported towards the drive shaft 3 is rotated to get the driving a car tire 3; revolving structure 5 by way of the driving tire 3 , the motivated wheel 8 along with the spinning wheel 9 rotatably placed on the stationary supplies body 4, the travel wheel 3 is rotated to drive the spinning frame 5 with respect to the set frame 4 for crucial motion; the revolving structure 5 is set on at the very least two rollers framework 6, structure 6 is attached to the roller a plurality of curler 7.

[0029] The upender provides an automatic upender machine, automatic upender machine once the mildew actually reaches a predetermined position when the machine, begin the production torque from the motor unit I, powered through the drive sprocket wheel 2 push wheel 3 is rotated thus; generate tire 3 is rotated, pushed by rotation in accordance with the set body 5 for rotation body 4, so that repaired around the rotary structure 5 follower curler structure 6, structure 6 is set in the roller roller 7 is rotated over the axis of rotation of your rack 5 rotation. According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0030] In a preferred embodiment, the push tire 3, the exterior periphery in the powered tire 8 are set towards the initial toothed construction, the turning body 5 in the outer periphery in the secondly toothed composition, the first structure and also the secondly tooth two meshing tooth structure, therefore the way from the meshing tooth framework to drive the rotation of revolving structure 5, the torque transmitting balance, higher doing work dependability.

[0031] Push tire 3, powered pulley 8 is mounted on the rotating frame 5 below the revolving tire 9 is fitted in addition to the rotary body 5. Driving a vehicle tire 3 and the driven wheel 8 to achieve the spinning carrier 5 helping part, set the rotary wheel 9 to permit rotation of the rack 5 to keep a predetermined trajectory to spin in accordance with the repaired body 4.

[0032] set towards the revolving body 5 has two wheels in the frame 6, body 6 two rollers established symmetrically. A plurality of rollers 7 Motion of the roller on the framework 6 are arranged at the very least two rows, and roller 7 inside the general placement in each row. As shown, the roller frame 6 can be arranged in two rows on the roller 7, each row 5 is provided with a roller 7.

The upender includes clamping gadgets for PC wire coil turning

[0007] in the spinning carrier rack set to at the very least two rollers, the rollers have got a plurality of rollers placed on the holder.

[0008] In a favored embodiment, the push tire, the driven wheels are positioned to the exterior periphery from the very first tooth construction along with the spinning outer periphery in the rack composition of the second teeth, the very first teeth composition and the second tooth Composition interested.

[0009] In a favored embodiment, the generate wheel, powered tire installed on the turning structure underneath the turning tire attached in addition to the turning frame.

[0010] In just one desired embodiment, the rotating carrier resolved with two curler frame, two curler structures symmetrically disposed.

[0011] Inside a recommended embodiment, a plurality of rollers in the roller carrier was established in a row of at least two, along with the tire inside the general position in every row.

[0012] In just one preferred embodiment, the rollers set up in two lines about the rack rollers, every single row is supplied by using a roller.

[0013] Compared with the previous art, the upender has got the adhering to advantageous outcomes: According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, the upender provides an automatic upender machine, the motor output torque is transmitted to the drive wheel through the sprocket, the drive wheel and the rotating frame by engaging tooth structure, the structure Simple, flip job stability, torque transmission and high reliability; rotation relative to the fixed frame rack for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.


[0014] The following Examples and the accompanying drawings according to the upender is described in further detail.

[0015] Shape I in the upender in an auto upender machine schematic. [0016] Guide numeral Information:

[0017] I, the motor;

[0018] 2, sprockets;

[0019] 3, the push tire;

[0020] 4, the resolved body; [0021] 5, transform the rack;

[0022] 6, roller racks;

[0023] 7, the wheel;

[0024] 8, the pushed tire;

[0025] 9, the turning tire.

Specific embodiments

[0026] Body I in the upender proposed a schematic structural view of auto reversing machine.

The upender comprises clamping devices for wire coil turning

As stated in state 5, where the automatic upender machine, distinguished because the curler structure (6) arranged on two lines of rollers (7), every single row 5 is supplied with rollers (7).

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An automated upender machine

Modern technology

[0001] The upender pertains to technical job areas, specially to put an automated upender machine.

Track record

In order to achievesafe and stable, effectively providing technology transportation, which are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal,mold and paper, frozen , strip, other, barrel, coil and coil industries, [0002] With the advance of industrial production, flipping machine able to adapt products, parts flip requirements. Change Flip machine during procedure, flick perspective manage, change job stability variables like torque transmission stability is a vital measure of efficiency signals upender machine.

Breakdown Of THE Innovation

[0003] In response to these shortcomings, the upender aims to propose an automatic upender machine, its simple structure, flipping job stability, torque transmission and high reliability, according to the actual need for flip angle control.

[0004] An automatic upender equipment, which include motor, sprocket, items tire, set rack, transform the carrier, rollerrollers and frame, powered tire and revolving tire, which,

[0005] a sequence placed on the motor unit result shaft and the axis of rotation involving the travel tire to the motor productivity shaft torque is passed on on the pushed rotation in the travel wheel;

[0006] By revolving rack travel tire, motivated tire and spinning wheel rotatably attached within a resolved holder, push tire rotates to operate the rotation in the holder in accordance with the set frame for rotational movement;

The upender makes up clamping units for coil turning

[0006] A mushroom culture substance of said personal-propelled stacker machine, where: said framework is supplied above therefore feed tire stretching aside of a release baffle.

[0007] A mushroom culture material of stated self-propelled stacker machine, described for the reason that: the back of your carrier installed palm hold.

[0008] A mushroom tradition substance of stated personal-propelled stacker machine, where: explained back end rack attached energy switch.

[0009] The energy version has the advantages of:

[0010] This energy version structure is simple, user friendly, can swap the handbook for quick and successful stacker, not only decreases the effort strength, and also for mushroom tradition substance stacker uniform, excellent outcome, and properly improve the operate effectiveness .


[0011] Figure 1 is really a schematic structural look at the energy model.

Specific embodiments

[0012] Figure 1 demonstrates, 1 sort of mushroom tradition materials personal-propelled stacker machine, including holder I, Holder I set up inside the motor unit

2, the spindle 3 along with the major sprocket 4, the spindle 3 is mounted on a plurality of sprockets 5, the electric motor 2 along with the result shaft by way of a sequence generate connected to the spindle 3, the spindle 3 through a sequence generate relationship with the principle sprocket 4, the front side from the rack I Change 4 is installed with the major sprocket wheel 6 linkage stacker, stacker wheel 6 equidistant distribution of numerous upender slurry 7, the spindle 3 – terminal linked to a generate with clutch 8 is installed on the carrier I drive with clutch system 8 connection handle 9, the rack shaft 10 is mounted the bottom I, the strength result shaft of the clutch 8 through the equipment set up 11 and also the travel shaft 10 linked to both ends from the shaft 10 working tire 12 is mounted, the foot of the holder by two stroll I back tire 12 rotatably fitted using a manual wheel 13. Joystick 9 can manage the drive axle 10 as well as the spindle 3 connecting or disconnecting.

The upender comprises clamping devices for coil turning

The utility design discloses a self-propelled upender of delicious fungus farming resources. The personal-propelled upender of the edible fungus cultivation supplies makes up a machine body. A engine, a main shaft and a principal chain wheel are set up in the machine body. A plurality of chain wheels are installed on the principle shaft, the engine is linked to the key shaft inside a transmitting mode, along with the main shaft is linked to the main chain wheel within a transmission method. An upender wheel linked with the key sequence tire is placed at the front of your machine body within a rotating mode, a clutch system is linked to a single conclusion of your major shaft in the transmission function, a surgical procedure rod linked to the clutch system in a transmission setting is established on the machine frame, along with a tire shaft is put in in the budget of the machine frame. An electrical power productivity shaft from the clutch system is associated with the wheel shaft in the transmitting setting via a gear set, highway rims are placed at two comes to an end of your tire shaft, and a manual tire is set up powering the 2 streets tires at the end conclusion of your machine structure. The personal-propelled upender of the edible fungus infection farming resources is simple in construction, easy to use and effective at replacing men and women to speedy and high-effectively turn within the supplies. Also the edible fungus cultivation materials are turned over evenly and good in effect, even though not only is labor intensity reduced. Functioning performance is successfully increased.

Statements(4) converted from Oriental

1 A mushroom tradition fabric personal-propelled stacker machine, comprising: a body, a holder fitted engines, spindle and the main sequence of mentioned plurality of sprockets placed on the spindle, The production shaft in the motor unit and the spindle by way of a sequence push attached to the major shaft through the primary sequence and sprocket linked pivotally fitted towards the body looking at a linkage with all the principal sprocket tire stacker, the stacker tire greatest several spread out slurry turn, drivingly attached to said a single conclusion of your clutch shaft, mounted on stated structure drivingly attached to the clutch lever, the foot of the rack shaft is installed, mentioned energy output shaft using a clutch system products class and hook up the travel axle, the axle comes to an end had been fixed with jogging throughout the structure at the end of these two rear rims rotatably installed to walk with a guideline wheel.

(2) according to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, wherein: explained frame is provided earlier mentioned therefore nourish wheel stretching out to the side of any release baffle.

According to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, characterized in that, 3: the back in the carrier mounted fingers traction.

According to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, wherein, 4: said rear holder fitted energy move.

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One type of mushroom traditions substance personal-propelled stacker machine

Technological innovation

[0001] This power product relates to a stacker gadget, especially as being a mushroom tradition material self-propelled stacker machine.


[0002] currently available on the market and the production of delicious mushroom culture substance, largely yourself using shovels, rakes for cloning material, this conventional processing approach is not merely labour-intense, low efficiency, and stacker is not really uniform, the impact mushroom tradition substance the results.

Sensible new content

[0003] This application design is designed to produce an edible mushroom customs material personal-propelled stacker machine to solve the before art conventional manual stacker method not just effort-intense, very low performance, and upender substance is just not uniform impact the use outcome mushroom traditions substance problems.

[0004] To achieve the over subject, the present energy version upender followed is:

[0005] 1 type of mushroom traditions substance personal-propelled stacker machine, comprising: a body, a rack mounted motors, spindle along with the main chain of stated plurality of sprockets attached to the spindle , the production shaft from the motor unit and the spindle via a sequence push linked throughout the spindle as well as the primary sprocket sequence attached pivotally installed for the frame in front of a linkage with all the major sprocket wheel stacker, the stacker tire numerous just as spaced slurry transform, drivingly associated with stated one particular finish of your clutch shaft, placed on mentioned structure drivingly coupled to the clutch system lever, the base of the carrier shaft is fitted, explained power production shaft by way of a clutch system connected with the axle travel products set, each ends in the axle equipped with jogging across the body towards the bottom of these two back rims rotatably installed simply to walk by using a information tire.

handling of mould upender

11. A upender machine in the figure explained comprising, in combo, a set of forearms for gripping a post between the two, and system irreparable underneath the body weight of mentioned report for transferring explained arms to grasp or discharge this content and also for elevating or reducing it.

12. A upender machine from the figure detailed comprising, in mixture, grippers to interact with opposite sides of an write-up, biceps and triceps helping mentioned grippers, signifies working via mentioned forearms to maneuver stated grippers gage reverse ends of your post, forearms assisting said grippers, means running via explained biceps and triceps to maneuver mentioned grippers from and toward the other person as well as increase and minimize explained grip ers, stated grippers simply being mounted being he d usually y gravitational forces In the offered directional placement, and meansjor making use of gravitational pressure to carry said grippers in the different position.

14. A upender machine of the personality defined comprising, in mixture, grippers to engage opposite edges of any artlcle, hands promoting stated grippers, implies operating throu h stated biceps and triceps to maneuver explained grippers tower and from the other as well as to bring up minimizing mentioned rippers, a critical link between each gri for every along with its cooperating left arm promoting t e grlpper at 1 area of its heart of gravitational forces, and means cooperating with explained left arm to hold the gripper in the resolved relationship to sald arm.

15. A upender machine of your figure defined comprising, in blend, some grippers installed to interact with complete opposite ends ofan report, a couple of biceps and triceps on the stops that the res ective grippers are lvotally fitted, a s aft having opposite y threaded servings on what stated biceps and triceps are installed, sa1d biceps and triceps possessing inside threaded components to participate correspondingly together with the threaded areas of stated shaft, a worm tire speedy on stated shaft, a worm meshing with mentioned worm tire, a shaft which explained worm 1S mounted, bearings supporting said worm shaft against radial and endwise movements, a motor unit, plus a worm gearing connectlon in between explained motor unit and said worm shaft for driving the worm shaft.

energy design of steel upender designing

7. A upender machine of the personality detailed comprising, in blend, a pairof grippers mounted to participate reverse ends of the report, a set of arms about the comes to an end which the individual ed, a shaft possessing oppositely threaded parts on what explained biceps and triceps are attached, stated arms’ having inside threaded )arts to participate correspondingly with the threa ed servings of stated shaft, method for turning mentioned shaft by which stated rotative movements is operative to make said biceps and triceps toward and from each other, and means for limitin the swinging motion of stated biceps and triceps on said shaft.

8. A upender machine of the personality defined comprising, in blend, rippers to en gage complete opposite edges of your artic e, and a solitary operatlng system for moving mentioned grippers out and into of gripping proposal together with the complete opposite ends of mentioned write-up as well as for lowering and raising stated grippers to improve andlo’wer this content.

9. A upender machine of your figure explained comprising, in mixture, grippers to participate opposite ends of any article, one particular functioning mechanism for shifting mentioned grippers into gripping’engagement together with the reverse edges of explained artic e as well as for raising explained grippers to boost this content, plus an automobile truck where explained functioning mechanism and grippers are mounted.

10. A upender machine in the figure explained comprising, in blend, two grippers grippers are pivotally mount;

for grasping a post between the two, two,

arms 011 which stated grippers respectively are pivoted, system for operatin explained biceps and triceps to maneuver stated grippers towar and from the other and also to increase and reduce stated arms, and positively acting means to assistance mentioned forearms in the predetermined height.

The power product pertains to an upender

The power version concerns an upender to get a rotating upender machine. The upender makes up a structure, a guide rail bracket as well as a switching system, wherein the manual rail bracket is set up on the structure, and a guide rail along with a attach rod are set up on the guide rail bracket; a engine which can be matched using the screw rod and drives the attach rod to swivel is mounted on top end in the information rail bracket; the transitioning system is placed on the information rail and equalled together with the attach rod, along with the changing process can shift along the guideline rail within the matching of your motor unit and the screw rod; along with the switching device consists of a fixing chair, a engine, a aquarium suction power fingers, a magnet groove seating repairing platter, a magnet groove seating, a shaft sleeve and an concave wheel. In contrast to a traditional manipulator changing system, the upender has the benefits of easy composition, reasonable design and style, higher function productivity and efficiency in taking and putting, the changing problem of the metallic reservoir from the spinning upender machine is resolved, as well as the production necessity of your rotating upender machine is satisfied.

interpreted from China

1 A You-turn rotary sewing upender machine, comprising a framework, framework rails, change, distinguished for the reason that: framework rails mounted on the body; said rail frame rails along with a screw is installed; the fitted earlier mentioned the top of rail body works with stated attach, push its spinning motors; You-turn is installed on rails with said attach using the motor unit and also the attach is possible under the collaboration over the side rails movements.

(2) as claimed in claim 1, whereby a You-transform rotary upender machine part, distinguished in that: You-transform system features a bracket, the engine, suction tank hand, the magnetic reservoir seat fixing dish, magnetic container bushings, seat and the recess rounded; bracket fixedly mounted on the mating connector with guide and screw rail moving chair; motor fixedly attached to the bracket; stated engine shaft by way of a curler chain coupling with sleeve link located outside of the owner with; explained sleeve having a couple of magnet correcting sleeve groove base repairing dish; stated sleeve has a set of fixing sleeve in the magnet mating groove recessed seating correcting platter tire; explained recess is provided with a set of wheel recesses groove; explained sleeve groove basic fixing sleeve and also the magnetic displaying with the set platter by; said magnetic fixing platter are set in the sockets attached a couple of magnetic container chair; said magnet tank chair attached using a movable suction power aquarium palm; hand the electro-magnetic suction power reservoir composition; mentioned suction power canister fingers end is linked to one particular finish of the information column; stated information column one other finish features a browse tire, information publish is likewise fixed having a spring season; said carefully with the concave roller wheel, having its cooperation.