Stretch wraps most plenty within a minute or significantly less

Productiveness. Enhances pack-to-cruise ship efficiency when reducing work demands.

2. Security. Binds any weight on the pallet, throughout shipping, without having groups.

3. Versatility. Wraps irregularly, standard and oversized molded plenty.

4. Confidence. Helps prevent damaging switching or sliding, and protects the load from dirt,

debris and dirt.

5. Protection. Eliminates jerky, side-to-part actions of palm wrapping that lead to back

personal injuries and elevated employee settlement promises. Reduces personal injuries linked to

aluminum banding.

6. Rate. Stretch wraps most plenty in the min or less.

7. Transportability. Most versions plug into any 110-voltage move and outlet very easily

(on locking casters) during the entire procedure.

8. Comfort. Works together all sorts of equipment – rider forklifts and thin aisle

raises. With a semi-automatic model, the rider remains to be in the forklift for those operations.

9. Simplicity of use. For specialized and non-specialized personnel equally, machine use and protection

training might be done in a hour. The unit is definitely repaired and maintained

with regular away-the-shelf alternative pieces.

10. Price savings. Cost savings. Cost savings. Not one other stretch wrap approach can defeat its all round cost

effectiveness. Require a cost-free assessment of your projected savings.

Stretch film carriage that provides superior film economic system (250Per cent) film user and tension basic safety. The Pro-Glide turntable assist system is maintenance free and features superior excess weight capacity.

Benefits and Features

X-Stretch Technologies Guarantees Exceptional Film Economic climate (250%)

Digitally Adaptable Film Tension

High Task Routine

Maintenance Free Tennis ball Showing Carriage Guide

Intelligent Corner Reimbursement

Daily life-Time Guarantee on Stretch Rollers

Forklift Portable

1/2 Horsepower Turntable Drive Engine

Maintenance Free Turntable Assist Casters

Photo-Eyesight Intelligent Size Diagnosis

Gentle Period For Light-weight or Unpredictable Pallets.

Very low-Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Cover Machine is available standard using a film carriage that offers excellent film overall economy (250%), film stress and consumer security.

With the aged hand-wrapping techniques, the forklift would fall and rise and there would be individuals beneath that pallet seeking to cover it. As soon as the Yellow Shirt pallet wrapper emerged, it had been our solution to receiving employees out and far from these relocating pallets, and protecting against significant incidents.”

“We’ve not experienced any worker’s compensation statements just for this approach because we’ve began using the Yellowish Shirt, so we do not foresee any