Stretch wrapping machine and technical

Development of film making-bag machine is favored

Plastics machinery has become a tradition in mechanical manufacturing industry in our country one of the fastest-growing part of the industry, and the annual demand is gradually increasing.

Chinese plastic stretch wrapping machine rapid growth due to:
1, China’s plastics processing industry high-speed development. Market demand for plastics is high, led to rapid development of plastic machinery;
2, traditional plastics stretch wrapping machine has been unable to meet market demand, high technological content of new plastics machinery is gradually replacing the traditional plastic machinery.

Plastic bag making machine has the following characteristics:
1, reasonable structure, smooth running, long service life.
2, temperature control, adjustable speed, electronic temperature control, hot and temperatures can be set arbitrarily, and therefore also suitable for all kinds of material, thickness of bag production.
3, material limitation, specifications can be adjusted, the choice of high-and low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, degradable plastic film, such as raw materials, producing a variety of colors, a variety of thicknesses and widths and various vest bags and flat pocket, the length of common plastic bags such as garbage bags, also can produce a variety of special-shaped bag.

Plastic film bag making and pallet wrapping machine industry in our country to the high speed development of initiatives. Development of the plastic processing industry for plastic film bag making machine industry in China’s development brings two advantages: one is to increase the export volumes of the product; the second is to the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology, including overseas investors to joint ventures and wholly-owned business brought about by the advanced manufacturing technology. Plastic bag making machine has the following characteristics: