stretch hood machine helps prevent unneeded expenses associated with damage

tretch hood is among the quickest developing programs in pallet wrapping machine packaging (all around 20Percent once-a-year growth level in The european countries), as a result of high package reliability along with the versatility of its use for palletizing various item plenty.

Stretch hood may be the answer to stabilize and handle really shaky plenty. By use of the right unitization technology you can minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads such as shifting, ripped or loose packing, crushing, water damage and infestation.

The stretch hood is made of a ongoing roll of gusseted film that is stretched within the pallet weight for max load integrity. It’s a fully automatic functioning the location where the machine quickly adapts on the pallet size in question.

Get a glimpse of our total stretch hood merchandise range and find out what we should is capable of doing to help you enhance your packaging.

The Strength Flex T1 for mainly a single pallet dimension, the Multiple FTP- the totally adaptable high speed machine for many different fill sizes, and also the Multi Flex XL for big tons as much as 3 m breadth and 3 m height.

Transforming from traditional shrink cover to FTP Stretch wrapping machine Hood provides numerous benefits all ultimately causing considerable financial savings

Decrease the film size and thickness

Get rid of or reduce the number of fill bands

Improve the keeping push from the film

Minimize the amount of damaged products/return items

Stay away from the use of gas for diminishing the film

Increase line capacity and reliability