Standard Characteristics for wrapping machine

Standard Features for wrapping machine in Fhopepack:

Top & base multiple position seal jaw bone

PLC manage

Brain safety program to stop pack damage

Changeable pusher cerebrovascular event counter for numerous collations

Electric motor-motivated pusher handled by touch screen

Leading And bottom part driven film cradles

Completely interlocked protecting

Beneficial rear stop with awareness adjustment

Pack splitting in-supply

Three period varied speed management

Durable 80mm x 40mm stainless-steel development as standard

Durable Mattop sequence belt conveyor

Multi place management panel

No atmosphere necessary

Lot wrapping creates folds conforming for the merchandise condition; round, rectangular or formed. Reel fed film, print out authorized and date coded is reduce to dimensions.

The product is forced through the film right into a collapsable container or high speed, into a rotary brain. Tuckers near the bottom that is sealed prior to ejection.

Typical products covered in this way incorporate adhesive adhesive tape bearings, cheese, sausages, pies and reels. Our company is always happy to advise on matching the procedure for the merchandise.

The typical range comprises 5 designs, tabulated below, and lines can incorporate Automated Supply Conveyors. Customised styles available too.

bunchwrapper 02bunchwrapper 03

Our prime velocity machines are designed for packing accelerates to 100 pieces a minute when packing small things.

Specialised designs for wrapping sausages and other food products are readily available.

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