Scenario stretch packing

The Harrisonburg, VA functions of Tenneco, Fhope., focus in the manufacture, packaging, and delivery of mufflers for automobiles, vans, boats, and a range of hefty-responsibility industrial and agricultural autos. To seal delivery cases for these mufflers, the Harrisonburg plant experienced been utilizing standard adhesive tank glue melting and pumping equipment. But Tenneco determined that this program was not delivering optimum performance in conditions of price effectiveness and seal integrity. They had been encountering difficulties with situation seal pop-opens, even prior to transport.

Mike Moyers, Muffler Engineer at Tenneco, states, “We have been operating with our scorching soften glue provider Henkel to achieve upgrades. Henkel advised the Freedom® scorching melt dispensing system from Nordson. We evaluated the Nordson program and established that it supplied crucial advantages to boost our case-sealing functions. It is effortlessly programmable to accommodate shut-off and stand-by modes. So we are in a position to avoid glue charring and reduce electrical energy use.”

The tankless design gives the capability to soften only the sum of adhesive necessary at any offered time for any offered software. As opposed to the previously employed large tank, the Freedom incorporates a small, area-productive reservoir. And glue pellets are instantly fed to the system via transfer pump. Operators are no lengthier necessary to hand-scoop pellets into the tank to maintain pace with situation-sealing functions.

The melted adhesive is delivered rapidly and effectively. It doesn’t sit and char—a situation that can result in the two adhesive squander and electrical electrical power above use. In addition, the Independence hoses and nozzles include self-cleaning mechanisms to aid reduce clogging, downtime, labor and servicing needs, and elements replacements.

Moyers notes that the techniques were phased in above a number of months. Two Nordson units were put in in June 2013. Two more were put in in September 2013. And a fifth unit was installed in December 2013. “Henkel and Nordson workers aided immensely in the retrofit set up with current equipment, begin-up, and functions and servicing coaching,” studies Moyers.

Tenneco resources corrugated, preprinted (flexo) delivery case flats from Packaging Corporation of The usa. Scenario forming equipment is supplied by Pearson Packaging Methods. Scenario label application gear is from CTM Labeling.


Moyers claims, “We have averted adhesive charring episodes, preserving about 30% on adhesive expenses. And we have saved on electrical power fees, owing to the scorching soften gluing system’s programmable automatic stand-bys and shut-offs when the methods are not in use. And we fundamentally have no much more pop-ups of situation seals. So we are not spending costly time reworking cases.”