Photoelectric edge control in coil wrapping

transformer coil wrapping machine is actually a new generation of CNC winding and wrapping equipment separately by Yibo Business. This is the trademarked merchandise and the original in the home.


PLC program, with full functionality and straightforward functioning. It could perform the ahead and reversal wingding and counting operation,energy failing security, wire disconnection safety, stop brake, setup of winding location, position and fault fast.

The speed manage has two settings: auto foot and setup switch velocity adjustment.

Its wire planning functioning is finished from the moving motor and preciseness golf ball spline ,the manage preciseness can get to up to .001mm.

Large process range, through transforming the numerous clamp,it could wind flow the coils of varied casting voltage transformers.

The coil wrapping machine has ongoing stress during winding, the stress is managed by management panel, and also the pressure is held during winding, backing or stop, which make coil compaction. Line airplane has auto tracking functionality by means of high-preciseness directly-line rail.

3. Parts

1. Unwinding and rectification gadgets

2. Giving product

3. Layer insulation product

4. Shear device

5. Winding product

6. Welding device

7. Photoelectric advantage control gadget

8. Thoroughly clean product

9. Presssure device

10. Electric powered control container

11. Argon tungsten-arc

Application: Automatic wire-laying winding machine is used for winding syndication transformer coils, device transformer coil ,reactor coil and other coils.

It is made up with main coil winding machine, auto servo engine device, layer-insulator product, tension changeable pay out-away product, air flow-controlled method, PLC method manage and servo method. Rich in automatic, full capabilities and strong strength capabilities, tremendously improve the tightness of winded coil.