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The new wrapping machine industrial server from Beckhoff signifies one of the most powerful controllers ever to attain the industrial industry. The immense computing electricity within the C6670 collection can be most properly utilized when every specific core is effectively leveraged with the TwinCAT automation software program platform from Beckhoff.

Many years of prosperous programs in the subject have shown that centralized handle process architectures have several strengths more than dispersed methodologies. Contemporary creation lines and substantial-overall performance, standalone equipment integrate at any time rising features with at any time shorter cycle occasions, necessitating ever more strong, central regulate methods.

The Beckhoff “many-core control” strategy suggests that in addition to a machine’s handle features – PLC, movement, robotics, and CNC – further capabilities this sort of as superior measurement engineering, problem checking, and visualization are all integrated into 1 effective software package package deal, TwinCAT, and executed on 1 strong Personal computer-based mostly controller. With TwinCAT it is feasible to optimally make the most of all readily available processor cores by intelligently distributing personal manage jobs amid them.

The C6670 is the initial industrial server presented from Beckhoff Automation. In addition to computationally-intense handle engineering, the C6670 can also be utilized, for instance, in intricate purposes this kind of as hugely articulated robotics and advanced impression processing. Designed for handle cupboard set up, the C6670 server incorporates two Intel Xeon processors, each and every with 6, twelve, or eighteen cores, working jointly on a motherboard with two Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a highly effective graphics card. Apart from the massive overall performance amounts sent by up to 2 TB DDR4 RAM, there are four PCIe x16 Gen III slots, 1 PCIe Gen III x eight slot and 1 PCIe Gen II x four slot for multiple interface playing cards and utmost versatility.