packaging and injection molding

Rinze Willemsen, entrepreneur, and Corné van Baal, injection molder, are the developers of the one-2Tube. This product is around forty% lighter than usual plastic extrusion tubes and presents free-kind design and style. The 1-2Tube can be produced on every single typical injection molding machine.

It requires five to 6 methods to packing manufacture an “extrusion tube” and Corné van Baal considered that it need to be attainable to make this sort of tube considerably far more efficiently. Corné is the proprietor of an injection molding organization identified as Appkuns, in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. He shared his feelings with entrepreneur and organization innovator Rinze Willemsen, and right after just one working day Rinze came up with the 1-2Tube plan.

The thought was to injection mould the tube and the hinged closure in just one action and with just one injection molding tool. On the filling line, the tube will be loaded from the prime, and the hinged lid will be shut and sealed with ultrasonic tools.

Rinze explains: “The wall thickness of the tube can be thinner when injection molding and the tube closure uses much a lot less materials as it is not screwed or snapped on to the tube—but sealed. The resulting gain of this is that the tube alone has no slender neck for the thread or snap beads, which use further substance on typical extrusion tubes. These are the components that permit the 1-2Tube to be up to 40% lighter.”

Corné describes: “One-piece injection molded tubes are currently identified in the current market, on the other hand the drawbacks of the existing strategies are that they develop at minimal speed and are restricted by licenses. Also, just as normal extrusion tubes, they still want to be assembled from a variety of elements. The 1-2Tube is only made from one piece. The only techniques needed to comprehensive generation are injection molding, filling, and sealing. And also with IML, labels can be included to the tubes in the injection molding procedure.”

To get hold of a genuinely aggressive charge price for the one-2Tube, a 60-cavity software will be employed and to begin we will make a smaller pilot software to injection mold tubes for use in Hotels. Appkuns has now formulated four distinct shape designs for the one-2Tube.


The “Basic” design is unattainable to make with standard extrusion tubes, because soon after filling, these tubes have to be squeezed together at the base to seal and this course of action usually makes this end of the tube broader than the closure finish.The “Eco” variant style has an further flat closure resulting in a forty% conserving on content. The “Elegant” style and design works by using the full flexibility of expression that can be exploited by the one-2Tube’s modern producing procedure. With a tapered form, angled and asymmetrical, practically anything is achievable.
Last of all, the “Special” layout makes use of injection molding techniques exactly where numerous various supplies can be combined. For case in point, the closure can be injection molded with PP and the tube part can be molded with a comfortable adaptable plastic, and in two unique colors.