modify the parameters for stretch packaging

stretch packaging line
stretch packaging line

The custom processing: function: filling, filling, sealing, metering, molding packaging containers, coding, coding
Brand: Xinjie type: Stretch wrapping machine
Voltage: 220/380 (V) power: 1.7 (Kw)
Packing film width: 80-160 (mm) bag size: 80*70 (mm)
Packing speed: 35-80 (bags / minute) weight: 250 (kg)
Size: 1000*750*1800 (mm) packaging materials: composite materials
Packing: Automation: automatic pouch
Applicable objects: hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, cleaning, washing supplies, all kinds of sauce, corn applicable industries: food, chemical industry, daily chemical, medicine
Material type: particles
This model’s advantage:
1 without air supply and air pump, machine self supply power, save resources.
2 the filling precision is high, the filling machine accuracy than ordinary pneumatic high control accuracy, computer.
3 adjusting canned quantity is convenient, fast, computer control, computer control and regulation.
Drip proof 4 machinery.
In this model a machine dual (double). Widely applicable to quantitative small packing filling all kinds of oils. Mechanical and electrical integration design, equipment using, high / low speed oil model, to ensure that no overflow of oil filling, is unique in China; computer precision is better than 0.3% (error is generally less than 5 grams); a self-contained power, no need to configure the air compressor, the northern winter environment (liquid state) also can work normally; electronic induction pot position, automatic oil; keyboard set quantitative filling, convenient and quick. Especially suitable for 0.1-20 liters of packaging.
Applies to products: oil, brake oil, lubricating oil, edible oil, detergent, etc. all kinds of oil filling,pallet wrapping.
Performance parameters:
The parameter name unit remark
Number 2
Filling range L 0.1~20.0
Quantitative error% less than or equal to 0.3%
Rated voltage of V 380VAC
The filling speed of 20 liters | minutes *2 Road
Rated power kW 1.5 * 2
Work with:
* if after the operation has not returned to the waiting state, can press [return] back to the waiting state.
* if the input parameters are incorrect, press [reset], re input.
* enter parameter setting interface, if you don’t want to modify the parameters, press [return] can go back to the waiting state.
* after calibration are not allowed, can check whether removing the bottle tare, and re calibration.
* the instrument correction coefficient = actual weighing number / set number * original instrument flow coefficient
The matters needing attention
1 in order to equipment normal use please install in ventilated and dry place and ensure power supply rated voltage range.
2 before using equipment shall be installed as required grounding.
3 if the need to open the strong box, you must first turn off the power.
4 operating personnel, long out of the equipment should turn off the power switch and circuit valve.
5 the thunderstorm weather minimize equipment use, to prevent the lightning.
6 the contents of this manual is strictly prohibited reproduced, plagiarism!
Operating instructions:
3.1 modified quantitative (note the quantitative cannot be 0)
3.1.1 in the waiting state display left definite quantity XXX, right quantity XXX, then press [quantitative].
3.1.2 press the [digital] modified quantitative, then press [OK] to save the return.
3.1.3 if there is no need to save, can directly press [return] quit.
3.2 see barrels
3.2.1 boot, in a wait state, press the [barrel], shows the history has been issued a number of barrels.
3.2.2 press the [reset] can be restored to zero [return] quit.
3.3 oil
3.3.1 in the waiting state display left definite quantity XXX, right quantitative XXX.
3.3.2 press the [start] or touch the “micro switch”, began oil.
3.3.3 only when the left and right oil and stop will return a wait state.
3.4 modify the parameters for stretch packaging
3.4.1 in a wait state, press the [function].
3.4.2 press the [digital] selection of parameters to modify the page, press [function].
3.4.3 press the [digital] to modify the parameters, and then press [OK] to save.
The displayed value of 3.4.4 modified the parameters, press [OK] or [return] back to the waiting state.
3.5 calibration
3.5.1 oil again, this time to get the actual weight of the weighing.