lighting and stretch wrapper

Ming Sen, Shanghai industrial stretch wrapping machine equipment limited is a professional manufacturer of coil control industry are well-known enterprises. To improve domestic coil processing equipment and level of automated production line! The company’s products include: automatic deviation correction control system, automatic dedusting system for tension control system, coil, coil control products such as viscosity control systems. Can be widely used in various industries for coil processing equipment and production lines, such as printing, paper, packaging, hygiene products, metallurgy, textiles, non-woven cloth, wire and cable, rubber tires and other industries. Business across the country, has set up an Office in Shenzhen, Wuhan.

Agent of the company’s Italy ST (Selectra) SG-9000-correcting control system of rectification system is Italy Selectra newly developed advanced products. The product accumulated Selectra 45 printing control system of technical experience, ensuring SG-9000 correction system of high technology and high precision, high stability. The products have been exported to all over the world, winning praise from a wide range of clients.
Shanghai Moriaki is its distributor in China, by years of success in the domestic tests, quickly achieved a large number of domestic machinery manufacturers and end-users of approved unanimously. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction! Relying on a wealth of expertise and is willing to provide you with hassle-free service!

Stretch wrapping machine system characteristics

System using high-speed microprocessors, modular, digital, intelligent circuit design;
Advanced program design, human interface, LCD LCD display;
Circuit protection design of high performance components and improving continuous and stable operation of the system;
Control system response time of less than 0.01 seconds;
System accuracy up to 0.01mm;

Taxonomy: unwinding and corrective mechanism in the correction system, road-(can be customized).
Detection mode: check edges, lines or (fixed or active sensors can be used).
Applicable industries: printing, packaging, nonwovens, textile, rubber, metallurgy, and so on.
Application of coil: roll paper, film, foil, film, leather, non-woven, woven and coiled materials.
Used equipment: printing: flexo, gravure printing machine, offset printing machine, business form printing, die-cutting machine, cutting machine;
Package: cutting machine, laminating and stretch wrapping machine, inspection machine die cutting machine, coating machine, film blowing machine, coating machine, bag making machine, etc;
Non-woven fabric: sanitary napkin production line equipment, sanitary pads, baby, adult diaper machine, medical dressing line and so on.