lanyard switch to commence the stretch wrapper.

rion Packaging now offers a wireless network remote control choice for its Flex Some stand-alone stretch wrapping devices. The new handheld wireless remote makes the stretch wrapping cycle more efficient by allowing fork lift drivers to initiate the process while on board the vehicle. The remote control eliminates the requirement to leave the forklift or place it within easy reach of your lanyard switch to start off the stretch wrapper.

Orion’s Flex A number of stay-alone intelligent wrappers feature an auto film tail holder and minimize-away from allowing fork elevate motorists to cover lots without having acquiring off of their vehicle. Once the proprietor places the load he is able to start the cover period together with the hand held remote control, time savings and growing effectiveness.

“This new far off can make our Flex remain-by yourself automatics a lot more convenient to use,” stated Orion advertising and marketing director Peter Vilardi. “Individuals work the far off by forcing two control keys, a person to create amazing communication with all the stretch wrapping machine and a 2nd to start the place period.”

The remote control makes use of special RF frequencies in order to avoid unintended activation from stray signs inside the service. In order to activate the machine, the transmitter must be within a prescribed range.