Input orbital stretch wrapping machine Conveyor

Put the Winder within it?ˉs location.

Shift the Enter Conveyor into place and mount the sealing pins.

(the Insight orbital stretch wrapping machine Conveyor offers the film holder coupled to the conveyor and it is mounted

on the very same area since the film entrance about the winder.)

Plug in the Insight Conveyor in to the management cupboard.

Plug in the atmosphere offer.

Shift the Result Conveyor in place and install the securing pins.

(the Result Conveyor is installed on the alternative area as the film doorway around the winder)

Connect the Production Conveyor in the management case.

Shift the Gravitational pressure Roller Conveyors in place as needed.

Plug in the Winder to the control drawer.

Wire within the primary strength fall cord to the manage cupboard.

(see cabling diagram. )

Oxygen Resource needed 80 P.S.I.

Place the gravitational forces curler conveyors when necessary.

The Program is now prepared for procedure.

Your stretch wrapping wrapper is equipped with a Kalamazoo Adjustable Anxiety Film Delivery service System. Spot a

roll of 10-12”or non-obligatory 20” stretch wrapping stretch film about the film core holder and thread the film as demonstrated

on the diagram under. As soon as the film is jam-packed as well as the desire film tension is came to the film

tension need not be modified once again until the make of film or maybe the film size is altered.

Spot a roll of 12” film into the film holder and so the film unwinds clockwise, than slip the plastic-type material

top key into place and set up the pin into the pit.

(note: The film key will not modify the film pressure.)

Line the film as displayed on the diagram.

Modify the varied pressure magnet brake to the film pressure you want. Loosen the 2 establish

screws from the brake having a 5/64” allen wrench modify the stress and retighten the set up screws.

Working Regulates

1 Strength ON: Green lighted push option; transform s around the stretch wrapping machine power and lights the switch.

2 Potential Off of: Red-colored push option; transforms off of the stretch wrapping machine strength.

3 Urgent Quit: Red-colored (push off/ choose reset); converts off all engines, air cylinders and very hot wire.

4 CYCLE Permit: Environmentally friendly drive switch; allows the cover routine.

5 Pattern Cease: Reddish colored mushroom force key; stops the cover period.

6 Stress FILM: Glowing blue push option; opens the film cutter oxygen cylinder, Fill the film.

Soon after loading the film drive LOAD FILM once more and also the film tube will shut.