has expanded in becoming best wrapper supplier

Atwell’s has expanded to get the UK’s top rated independent distributor of self-adhesive labelling techniques. Atwell techniques are designed to be an easy task to operate, reliable and efficient.

We commit a considerable amount of energy and time in knowing our customers’ requirements therefore we can support those to the best of our potential, employing a system of packing system development although re-purchasing our long term.

Personal-sticky labelling techniques

Our common systems involve:

Semi-automated commence-up systems

A variety of fully automated machines for wrap-round jar labelling

Tri-roller techniques for using labeling in sign up

Tapered cooking pot labellers

Back and front solutions

Top rated and underside labellers

Carton and pallet labelling systems

Cross-internet labelling solutions

A selection of self-adhesive and linerless print and implement systems

We offer a complete design and printing service for self-adhesive and linerless labels, as part of Atwell’s ever-increasing range of services and products. We also offer:

RFID brands and labelling techniques

Expert brand confirmation methods

Desktop computer as well as in-collection printers such as warm foil, energy exchange and CIJ / DOD

We design and style and make all of the techniques supplied to guarantee they exceed and meet our customers’ objectives. Moreover, every single system is put in by our fully skilled and experienced technology service crew.

Atwell’s label applicators are built to accommodate virtually all applications and environments, such as a single-off of custom equipment including entirely automated IP55 and IP65 tag heads designed for the UK and export markets.

Wrap-spherical labelling packing system

Atwell’s WRAPROUND labelling system is a simple answer for cylindrical or tapered boxes, thanks to its angled content label head and adaptable jar rotation unit, which can be very easily altered by turnwheel for different size packs. Conveyors can even be delivered in several styles to suit every merchandise, even though the fast-discharge support cushion lowers changeover times.

The WRAPROUND’s content label brain can include a little or large-place energy move inkjet printer, popular foil coder or ink jet printer for generating barcodes, expiry schedules, set numbers and pricing details straight to the content label, before app. The system can be used as a stand-alone unit or within an integrated generation collection, with labelling speeds of 40ppm-220ppm.

Stepper label brain

Our AL2-120S system is really a automated stepper content label head, offering an owner-pleasant screen solar panel with 25 tag configurations and password protection. Changeover instances are minimised through the wrapping system’s automobile label detection, with an optional remote-fitted keyboard and wipe-clear screen.

The AL2-120S might be top, side or bottom-fitted and comes in right or left-given variations. Hot foil or energy computer printers can be used to produce use-by dates, batch numbers and barcodes, with 120mm or 200mm label online formats and reliability as much as ?à0.5mm.

Linerless brand go

The Hello-Pace linerless tag go from Atwell benefits from a lightweight design and flexible app; it can be used for side, bottom, top and wrap-close to programs. It could also be built-in included in a pre-existing labelling system and fitted with an recommended in-series inkjet printer.

No liner indicates no waste materials, which makes this an eco friendly system that utilizes completely of most paper. With 60Per cent much more tags on its reel, the Hello-Velocity linerless tag head calls for minimal roll adjustments, which can result in a 30Per cent decrease in labelling expenses. The system can use up to 150 labeling/min.