Function characteristics for packaging line

The packaging line in Fhope

Suitable for: ampoule bottle, schering bottles and other small round bottle of high-speed accurate labeling, vertical transport of materials and screw points is particularly suited to small circle of unstable materials. Rotary roller wheel at 3 o ‘clock location to ensure accurate and stable high speed labeling functions. Star wheel device, ensure that can accurately detect when high-speed operation and orderly rejecting wrong materials.
Function characteristics:
1. The feed screw and flat-top chain with rotary stretch wrapper roller rotary table, ensure the bottle feeding smoothly in the process of the labeling and high-speed precise operation.
2. The disc operation guarantee the accuracy of the precision of labeling and bottle location tracking, can guarantee the running at a high speed accurate detection and orderly rejecting wrong materials.
3. Video detection device offers a variety of detection, such as tag labeling detection, leak detection and print content, etc.; Nonconforming product will be removed
4. Optional heat printer, thermal transfer printer or spurt the code machine synchronous complete code and labeling
5. The operation of the equipment status and alarm information can be real-time reflect in the system
Technical parameters:
Bottle size: diameter Φ 10 to 30 mm (diameter changes may need to replace the screw and the rotary table)
Labeling speed: 500 m/min (continuous label)
Labeling accuracy: + / – 0.5-1.0 mm (depending on the specifications and bottle label size)
Working pressure: 0.4-0.7 Mpa (excluding and printing equipment use)
Power and total power: 220 vac plus or minus 10% 50 hz 2.8 Kw
Size: (L) x 2208 (W) 1420 x 1948 mm (H)