energy design of steel upender designing

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8. A upender machine of the personality defined comprising, in blend, rippers to en gage complete opposite edges of your artic e, and a solitary operatlng system for moving mentioned grippers out and into of gripping proposal together with the complete opposite ends of mentioned write-up as well as for lowering and raising stated grippers to improve andlo’wer this content.

9. A upender machine of your figure explained comprising, in mixture, grippers to participate opposite ends of any article, one particular functioning mechanism for shifting mentioned grippers into gripping’engagement together with the reverse edges of explained artic e as well as for raising explained grippers to boost this content, plus an automobile truck where explained functioning mechanism and grippers are mounted.

10. A upender machine in the figure explained comprising, in blend, two grippers grippers are pivotally mount;

for grasping a post between the two, two,

arms 011 which stated grippers respectively are pivoted, system for operatin explained biceps and triceps to maneuver stated grippers towar and from the other and also to increase and reduce stated arms, and positively acting means to assistance mentioned forearms in the predetermined height.