DISCONNECT POWER FROM horizontal stretch wrapping MACHINE

1) tighten and Check any loosened fasteners.

2) Check all electrical links and swap any worn or frayed cords.

3) Clean and lubricate the tower routes where rollers work with #2 fat each

If the unit is in an especially dirty location, three months, more frequently.

4) Lubricate and change the curler drive and carriage travel sequence each a few (3) a few months.

Sequence should be moisturized with a penetrating variety business chain lube.

5) Lubricate cushion prevents with #2 fat every six months time.

If necessary, 6) Check the main control relay for burning or arcing replace.

7) Verify all press buttons and limit switch for shorts or adhering.

When any problem grows, look at the working recommendations. Diagnose distinct

review and problems the alternatives beneath.

Force the E-Quit button in wait around 1 min.. Transform the option to reset.

This will likely denergize the Air conditioning drives and reset a problem.

? Check out wall surface receptacle for strength.

? Check Power cord for cut. (Fork Lift Pickups problems cords.)

? Cease the carriage and the rollers.

DISCONNECT POWER FROM horizontal stretch wrapping MACHINE

? Check both right and still left restriction changes for harm, attaching, or interior shorts.

$ Available the control cabinet. Creatively examine for reduce cords and for signs of arcing or

getting rid of of some of the components.

? Examine chain stress .

? Check brake control for Air conditioning in and DC out.

? Check for problems cords.

? Examine the AC travel for errors.

? Examine braking system patches.

( It is advisable to call for practical support at this point

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