coil packaging machine and shrink tunnel

pack production division is actually a standard department which includes the structure producing, machine putting in and testing. Because of the quickly developing, we now have 5 training seminars and over 150 men and women allocate the machine developing. We currently manufacture around 5000 packages of all sorts of packaging machines each year which is incorporated in the major situation of your packing industry.

● Potent production capacity

carton sealer workshop viewWe now have 4 doing work groupings for every distinct coil packing machine: carton erector sequence, carton sealer series, closing machine sequence, and shrink tunnel series.

During 2010, we have now 2000 m2 workshop room doing work for carton erector, carton sealer ,securing machine and shrink cover machine. We add 1 working building as our workshop and extend our workshop space to about 10000 m2 in 2012, as the business extend. 150 folks are now spending so much time since these groupings, that may product or service more than 4000 sets carton erectors and carton sealer, 3000 groups of sealing coil packaging machine and shrink tunnel annually. Fhope coil packaging Now we now have a lot more than 10 specialist companies helping us with all the machine framework publishing, steel pieces creating and so on. In this way, our produce crew may be increased and our production effectiveness could be extremely improved.

● Skilled managing and good functioning setting

Fhope coil packaging generation department comes with an sophisticated management. Mr. Huang, since the headmaster on this office, has many experience on the coil packaging machine manufacturing. Each of our workshops features a director for every day management. Group managers be sure all of the machines are producing in orders placed. QC involved with every single procedure to make certain our machine can have a good finishing and high quality. All our machines derive from the CE standard. We have now authorized the SGS qualification. Before devoting to there working position, our workers have professional training. There exists a tough production stream through the original composition making to the machine tests. Our specialist is currently operating at a good workshop setting. Sophisticated lights system and air manage program are installed in the workshop to offer the most effective environment for our functioning.

We have a really air-clean operating setting. Our work shop is extremely tidy and clear. We have now more than 20 air conditioners to make certain the work shop with clean air. All personnel are well protected during functioning, specially in some Dangerous station.