coil master packing machine comprising a cheaper physique

4. Metal coil master packing machine as described in claim 2 where stated recesses have area wall space the interior servings of which are parallel towards the direction of motion of mentioned plates and bodies, the outer servings of mentioned aspect Walls getting laterally willing to steer the edge areas of packaging material such as cardboard into growth to make up area wall surfaces in the package.

5. Metallic coil master packing machine as described in declare 1 through which explained body are up and down spaced, one of said body getting stationary supplies as well as the other body being up and down movable.

6. Smooth packaging Steel coil master packing machine comprising a lower system having in the top surface the first annular recess, the side walls of said recess being straight nearby the foot of the recess and becoming keen outwardly near the top of the recess, top of the portion of said system around mentioned recess comprising a help to receive a toned annular page of packaging materials for example cardboard constantly in place to overlie said recess and to give side walls creating portions stretching laterally outwardly and inwardly therefrom, a first annular dish conforming to said recess and at first located in the bottom of explained recess, an upper body experiencing in the decrease surface area a second annular recess conforming significantly to and facing the very first annular recess, one side surfaces of said 2nd recess becoming straight adjoining the interior wall structure thereof and becoming inclined outwardly adjacent the outside section of mentioned second recess, means for moving said second annular platter in said second recess, method for transferring explained 2nd annular plate into said initial recess to collapse the packaging material into an annular recessed setup with all the side wall surface developing portions thereof extending up-‘ wardly, means for afterwards retracting said second annular platter upwardly out from and from the recessed page of packaging fabric to offer for position of the toned coil therein and placement of the flat annular cover page of packaging materials on the reduce recessed packaging materials, method for after that relocating explained lower annular plate upwardly to displace equally linens of packaging fabric as well as the toned coil into mentioned secondly recess to collapse the lateral outer and inner corners of the protect sheet downwardly on the upwardly stretching part wall surfaces of the recessed sheet, and means for after that shifting said initially annular dish as well as the finished deal downwardly to individual the deal through the next recess.

7. Metal coil master packing machine as described in declare 6 which includes method for transferring among stated bodies up and down towards other prior to shifting said initially plate to position the package deal in stated 2nd recess.

8. Metal coil master packing machine as described in declare 6, said Metal coil master packing machine comprising a structure, said decrease body becoming set to explained structure, said upper body becoming up and down movable on said framework, the path for moving one of explained systems comprising a cylinder and piston product attached involving mentioned framework and mentioned upper body.

9. Metal coil master packing machine as identified in declare 8, the path for transferring mentioned plates relative to the bodies which these are related comprising piston and cylinder products attached in between each of said dishes along with the related entire body.