China STRETCH COIL WRAPPER is skilled manufacturering 2014

Asian stretch wrapping machine supplier Lupack is the top supplier of reduced-price, efficient unseen contra –counterfeiting strategies to safeguard big quantities of primary and second packaging and labels. packing solution alternatives are already safeguarding more than a billion dollars labeled products worldwide for fast moving consumer merchandise (FMGC) companies, especially for that pharmaceutical and cigarette industries.

Invisible marking technology using obvious ink

Chinese wrapper branded and exclusive packing machine undetectable technology for protecting product packaging and labelling against counterfeiting utilizes no specific ink, no taggant and no more safety measures, just a routine of small-holes hidden to the human eye alone, made within the varnish layer within standard publishing procedures flexography and rotogravure, offset). Styles of small-dots, unseen on the naked eye, may also be created in the total surface of the packaging or labelling making use of common visible printer.

Covert stability without the need of extra expense

The covert protection function is created with no improvement in the production process and without change of the production velocity and for that reason without having additional generation cost.

Contra –counterfeiting computer software

AlpVision materials software program licences to the total selection of equipment needed for control over a worldwide plan to combat counterfeiting as well as find market place diversion. This software program package is sold underneath the chinese wrapping brand name and is also monitored immediately from the brand name merchandise maker. For medicines offered in the usa, the AlpVision contra –counterfeiting remedies meet the criteria from the US overall health authorities when it comes to pharmaceutical drug items (FDA 21 CFR aspect 11 ERES and Federal drug administration Revitalization Respond S.1082).

Covert marking diagnosis using software and common imaging products

The diagnosis of your covert marking is conducted by a common workplace scanner or even a PDA camera telephone. The catch of just portion of the packing or labelling is sufficient generate a ??genuine-or-phony?ˉ verdict. This protection examine can be executed everywhere, any time by any authorised particular person without the distinct education or schooling.

About packaging wapper contra –counterfeiting company

China machine founders founded the company depending on the central values of frequent innovation, sound commitment, wish for brilliance and finished discretion in implementing digital imaging to stability printing solutions.

AlpVision develops revolutionary company defense and anti-counterfeiting solutions according to consumers?ˉ demands. AlpVision strives to provide its clients with efficient and effective digital security printing solutions in order to enhance product and document protection against counterfeiting and other fraudulent attacks.